What Is The Best Lubricant For A Butt Plug?

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What Is The Best Lubricant For A Butt Plug?

We can never downplay the importance of lubrication when any anal play is involved. It is not only the fun of putting your anal vibrator plug in that matters, but your safety is also a must.

There is a variety of lubes in the market but the truth is, not all can be used with the diverse butt plugs available.  We have worked on a short guide for you on the lubes that you can use for the different plugs you may want to use.


The three types of lubricants

You will find that there are three major types of lubricants, these are; oil-based lubricants, silicone based lubricants, and water-based lubricants. The three have different elements which are inclusive of the time they last, how slippery they are and the odor they produce among others.

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The most important thing to consider however is that some lubricants can actually be harmful to your lube. This can eventually lead to health risks when you decide to use your plug after lubricating with such.


Oil-based lubricants

 These type of lubricants are thicker than any other type of lubricant and it best great lubrication if not the best. They last for longer periods of time and mark you without drying up which is a great idea especially if you would like to use your butt plug for a longer period of time. They also cause less irritation in comparison to the other types of lubrication. They can be used with silicone, steel, or glass sex toys

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It is important to note that they have their own limitation which some people may consider a deal breaker, you cannot use them along with latex, and this cuts across to latex condoms and latex plugs. They also present a big challenge when you think about their cleaning process as oil does not dissolve in water.


 Silicone-based lubricants

 This type of lubricants are smooth and silky, they also last for long periods of time which is a plus when you consider using them as there may be no need to actually re-apply for extra use. This saves you on the need to keep going back to buy as they can keep you going for some time. 

The downside to silicone lubricants is that you cannot use them together with silicone butt plugs. This is because the silicone dissolves in the lubricant and it can be absorbed you’re your system through the colon which would eventually lead to unlimited health issues.


Water-based lubricants

These type of lubricants are the most diverse and flexible among the available types. They are extremely easy to clean and to top it up, their versatility means they can be used with any type of butt plug.

The only downtime to water-based lubricants is that they get sticky while drying out and this can cause stickiness. It is important too, therefore, re-apply the lube as many times as you can as long as you are using the butt plug during your playtime.

If you are looking for more details on a butt plug, be sure to catch up with our article on butt plug guide. It is important to note that the above tips also apply to tail butt plugs. Now you know!

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