How to Clean Your Butt Plug

How to Clean Your Butt Plug

Using clean and secure butt plugs is very crucial and of great significance to your health, well-being and in having great pleasure in lovemaking. Ensure that at all times your butt plug is clean for use for your wellness.

The following is a brief guidance on the proper and harmless ways of cleaning your butt plug; however these instructions are applicable for use with diverse sex toys you may possess, just get to know the material they are made of.

It doesn’t matter the extent of your rectum cleanliness, bacteria residue at all times remains in your butt plug. These bacteria residues are bound to start increasing when you fail to clean and sterilize your plug in the right way and immediately after using it. So ensure you disinfect your glass plug properly for the sake of your health and getting great pleasure in your play.

In obtaining the goals of these instructions, buttocks plugs are divided into smaller sections which are porous and non-porous, and they are categorized in accordance with the kind material that is used to make them. Below is a guide of the different materials butt plugs are availed in, and the different methods that you can use to clean your plug according to the material it is made of.


 Porous plus

Hard plastic, Cyberskin, elastomer, jelly, rubber, nylon, and neoprene are an example of materials that are used to make porous plugs. The most essential thing to do is checking the tag on the packaging you bought your plug in or the one your plug was delivered in. This will enable you to get to know what type of material your plug available in, and which method you will use to clean and how to handle it.

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It is very simple to clean the porous material plugs. You only use a gentle soap that does not cause irritation and lower temperature water which is not too cold or too hot, with an assumption that you always clean your plug immediately after using it because failure to do this, your porous plug attracts bacteria which makes it dangerous to use and unsuitable for your health. It is thus essential to clean your plug immediately after use.

Never use substances or materials that can cause abrasion to clean your plug, the abrasive materials wear out the outer surface, damaging your plug, and the bacteria get room to penetrate the plug with ease making it very unsafe to use.


Non-porous plugs

The material that is used in making non-porous plugs includes glass, silicone, and stainless steel. Treating this type of plugs also relies on the kind of material that is used. Some of the heat-resistant materials include glass that is as well as stainless steel. For those plugs with these materials that are able to withstand heat, their treatment involves just immersing them in water that is boiling for about ten minutes and allowing this to cool down


Some materials such as silicone cannot fully withstand heat and thus plugs that are made from these materials which are not completely heat resistant, are cleaned using the same method used when washing the porous plug. You should use a gentle soap and water with temperatures that are neither extremely hot nor cool.

 If you opt to boil the plugs from materials that cannot fully withstand heat like silicone, you should first ensure that the plug is made from a silicone of high-quality level since the high temperatures can make the plug to warp and twist.


 Butt plugs with tails attached

In case your plug has an animal tail fixed on it, the most important thing to do is getting to know if it’s the actual fur or artificial fur that is used. On determining if its actual fur, then handling it should be done with care and gently too.

For those with butt plugs made from an actual animal tail, there is a need to avoid submerging it entirely in water when washing it. This is because as it absorbs the water it becomes heavier and the additional weight can result in the tail breaking.

To wash a plug with real animal tail, you should dampen a cloth with cold water and soak it in a gentle soap and in a gentle way press the tail ensuring that you do not add a lot of water. If you want to dry this, using a hair-dryer at low heat is advisable rather than drying it up by hanging because it may destroy and cause damage to the tail.



To those who use plugs that have an artificial fur tail, submerging them in water mixed with soap is not a problem but still, remember you should be gentle when cleaning it. After drying your cat tails, it does not matter the type of material it is made of be actual animal or artificial fur, brushing it is necessary just as it is an essential thing to do to with personal hair so as to add to their fullness in a nice way. 

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