What Does A Butt Plug Feel Like?

What Does A Butt Plug Feel Like?

Majority of people who are using the butt plug for the very first time (this is also the case for the tail plugs and fox tail plugs.) always try to imagine what the experience would be if they tried it, would it cause them pain or would they even be comfortable, this is one of the reasons that they actually may hesitate from trying one. The good news is that when used in the right way, butt plugs are not painful nor do they present one with discomfort, in reality, you may just have fun using them. 

The use of butt plugs takes place in three different phases and this include, insertion, fullness and extracting it. There are also butt plugs that can be inserted with mini vibrators.

To give you the most accurate details on the feeling of using a butt plug, we will take you through a guide on each of the above steps each at a time.


The insertion

This is the very first phase as you can tell from the name, it involves the insertion of the butt plug to your rectum. The very initial feeling you will have is that of the coldness from the lubricant you may have applied to your anus and your hollow plug too

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You will also keep pushing the plug up and this goes through a few more regions in the rectum, each presents you with a different feeling as the tip of the plug passes there. The first part is the outer layer of the anus and this happens to be the most sensitive part as it has a lot of nerve cells.

This can give you a tickling feeling though not unlike what you would feel when you have movement in the bowel


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The deeper you push the plug and as the tip goes down into the rectum, the plug goes through another narrowing which is protected by stronger muscles called sphincter. This is the place that one can experience the worst pain and be uncomfortable in case the insertion is done quickly.

Ensure that you take time here to allow that you sphincter to stretch so that the tip of the plug can pass through. At this point, the outer part of the rectum will experience the wider part of your butt plug and it will keep stretching for a fit. There are plugs that are made for these stretching exercises, you can get these anal training kits on PlugLust.

If you experience any discomfort such as a feeling of tearing or even bleeding, please stop with the insertion.


We made it!

After you have managed to insert the plug up to the right place, you will experience a fullness of some sort, if you actually concentrate on the plug, you are likely to feel your plug in touch with each surface of the rectum walls.

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For those who have a prostate, pushing the plug against the prostate can lead them to experience some sort of pleasure. If you would like to feel this more, you can increase the pressure that you put on the prostate. There are toys called prostate massagers that do just this.

Majority of the people who use a butt plug usually panic and tighten their muscles at the sphincter level and this should not be what you should do if you would not want to be uncomfortable. It is important that you maintain your sphincter in a relaxed manner and ensure that you do not tighten the muscles anytime you make any movement.


Pulling out

After you are done, and you would like to remove your animal tail plug, there are two phases that you will need to go through. The first thing is to get the wider part of the plug out it may at first feel like an impossibility as the sphincter would tighten around the smaller part of the plug underneath it. 

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As you pull the stem out, you should relax the sphincter muscles concurrently if you want to remove the wider part. After this is done, pulling the other part of the plug becomes a lot easier and the feeling one gets is that of a bowel movement.  

It is easier to have the feeling that the plug is almost coming out, this may not be so true since the plug can be a bit longer than the feeling it gives. You should keep trying to remove it and before you know it, you will have your plug out in a matter of seconds.

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