Animal Tail Butt Plugs

The animal tail plug is the original variation of the butt plug. You can buy these butt plugs and they will immerse you completely into the delightful world of anal pleasure and help you to reveal your most secret and wild sexual desires. The shape of these anal butt plugs is traditional which makes it a great choice for beginners of anal pleasures. Miniature soft silicone butt plugs are ideal for beginners, who want to diversify intimate games. Larger stainless steel plugs will satisfy the desires of the most experienced users.

Animal Tail Plugs for Roleplay

Tail butt plugs are an excellent option for role plays. Firstly, these amazing toys look incredibly sexy, and secondly, it is much easier to regulate the stimulation of your erogenous zones with a soft and fluffy tail. A variety of design options will not leave anyone indifferent. Even the most demanding fans of anal pleasures will find a suitable tail butt plug in our collection of adult toys. Tail butt plug will not only diversify your intimate life but also present you brand new sexual sensations. These butt plugs make the vagina tighter, so you are able to stimulate all the most sensitive and exciting zones of your body.

You may use it for the preparation for your first experience of piquant sex. The sizes of these butt plugs are very different so even insertion into the inexperienced ass will be super easy and comfortable. This will be a pleasant gift for you and your partner, as well as an excellent occasion to try yourself in the role of a beloved animal. The assortment of these adult toys is very wide in our store at PlugLust. You will be able to choose the accessory depending on the shape, design and material you prefer.

Animal Tail Plug Uses

Use of these tail butt plugs is safe so you will feel only unforgettable orgasm and new astounding sensations. Just imagine the excitement of your partner when he sees you in a role of a tempestuous animal. It worth ordering such an amazing tail butt plug. Are you interested? You have not a minute lose! We also have a wide range of wolf, racoon, cat, pony, bunny, fox tails available to view.