Fox Tail Butt Plugs

If you used incredible fox tail butt plugs once then all their advantages are obvious to you. Firstly, the fox tail butt plug helps to prepare the anus to anal sex. These butt plugs help to relax the muscles before anal sex and minimize the physical and psychological discomfort of penetration. Secondly, fox anal butt plugs nicely stimulate the nerve endings at the anus, which is very exciting.

Foxy Tail Plug Buyers Guide

But, in addition, fox tail butt plugs can be an excellent component of the sex role games, decorating the outstanding part of the body and adding some piquancy to the sex image. You can and should use all of your acting skills in order to turn into the role of a cunning and wildly sexual fox. We think that special décor will not be superfluous, it will be very convenient.

Just imagine the admiration in the eyes of your partner when he or she sees his beloved in the image of a sexual beast with a fluffy soft tail, excitably swaying between the buttocks. Using our fox tail butt plugs you can play the insidious fox and a hunter or a devoted domesticated animal. Your fantasy and mood will tell you how to act, and the fox tail will betray more confidence and realism to the game. The tails for butt plugs are made mainly of natural fur, which undergoes special treatment.

Therefore, all the butt plugs in our sex store have an impeccable quality and appearance. They do not smell and they retain their fluffiness and other aesthetic characteristics. Fox tail butt plugs type greatly differ in colour and length. It can be a classic fox, passionate red or a snow-white tail. So you can choose fox tail butt plug exactly for your erotic cosplay and add a bit of wildness in your intimate life.