Horse Tail Butt Plugs

Butt plug with a horse tail is an erotic accessory designed for role-playing games, a seduction of your partner, and also for stretching the muscles of the anus for further deeper penetration. Such sex toys are designed to be used at home to please the partner's eye and better get used to a new image. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, not only girls can wear an anal butt plug with a fluffy tail. A man can also use this exciting intimate accessory if he wants to surprise his lady.

Horse Tail Buyers Guide

This is the best option for you if you like role games or want to diversify your sexual experience. Do you want to become a passionate and faithful little horse for your beloved? Such experiments require a special approach. Have you ever seen a horse without a tail? Our beautiful anal butt plug with a tail will help you get a luxurious horse's tail. All of these amazing pony tail butt plugs will appeal to every lover of pony play. It will not only provide a luxurious appearance to the person using it but also provide you with sensual anal stimulation. You can enjoy BDSM role-playing with a "horse" or "pony" and anal caresses with submission for as long as you want with these sexual butt plugs.

Sexual life must be diverse so that you can enjoy it to the fullest! With these anal butt plugs decorated with a tail and made of different materials, you will be able to diversify your sex to the maximum and get a great excitement. You will fundamentally change your whole sex life and make it incredibly rich and versatile with this sex toy. Erase facets in sex and conquer new heights of pleasure in new role-playing games. Every couple dreams of such a breathtaking intimate accessory. It's high time to feel more!