Anal Hooks

Anal hooks are definitely toys not for beginners, but for those who have great experience in the art of bondage. When using the anal hook for the first time, it is recommended to use the simplest bondage techniques. You can use any kind of ropes - cotton or synthetic with these amazing hooks. A simple reliable attachment will allow you to quickly move to the next level of sexual pleasure, once you master the previous one. Steel anal hooks are the highest stage of sexual satisfaction!

Metal Hooks for Anal Pleasure

The surface of the beads is perfectly smooth. The material of the anal hooks is mainly medical steel, which guarantees the safety of your sexual experiments. Hooks made of stainless medical steel will serve as an ideal toy for obtaining anal joys and improving their skills of carnal pleasures. There are one or more beads at the end of the hook to multiply your impressions.

Anal hooks are a very effective element of not only fetish, bringing new sensations, but also an element of creating a psychological feeling of complete helplessness and doom to the partner. Any effort, even the lighter, applied to the hook, is felt by your partner, binding her or his movements and resistance, creating special vivid feelings inside. Steel anal hooks mean iron pleasure! This device is for experienced connoisseurs of a variety of sexual interests and those who are open to new horizons of pleasures. Check out more at our homepage.

This is a great way to diversify sexual games and give your partner a lot of positive emotions. The couples who want to combine visual and sexual pleasure with ropes and anal games will find an ideal device in these anal hooks. The toy is suitable for use by women as well as by men. An anal hook is an excellent intimate accessory in your collection of adult toys addressed to fetish lovers and especially piquant anal stimulation. You may also be interested in the top dildos of this year.