Glass Butt Plug

Glass butt plugs are very elegant accessories, which are always in demand and insanely popular. Butt plugs made of glass are tiny artworks that will delight you with their amazing design. At the same time, glass butt plugs are extremely functional. Almost all classical solutions for anal stimulation found their embodiment in the glass.

Glass Made Butt Plugs

You can find here well-known conical butt plugs, special models for stimulation of the inner part of the anus and nerve endings of the sphincter, special prostate stimulators, butt plugs for prolonged wearing, as well as decorative samples for role games and experiments. Glass butt plugs are absolutely safe your health.

These accessories will never cause allergies, skin irritations and are compatible with any kind of intimate hygiene. A distinctive feature of glass is its hardness. The main feature of glass as a material for butt plugs is reliability and safety. A special protected glass is used for the production of these wonderful adult sex toys. The glass is capable of withstanding significant loads and has high mechanical strength. The main feature of this glass is that it almost never breaks and cracks.

These sex toys allow their owners to fully focus on their own feelings, without worrying about the fact that an intimate product can break and harm health. We recommend it for those who exactly know what they want to and for beginners who have already had a successful, albeit insignificant, experience of piquant caresses.  Moreover, these amazing toys do not have an expiration date.

Our glass butt plugs may be distinguished by a bright and stylish design, which will taste not only by lovers of the "strawberry" but also esthetes. Just imagine - they are able to serve and pleasure you for many years, without losing their qualities at all! In a word, these cute little things are definitely worth taking a closer look at them.