Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

Pet-play is a sexual game for those who want to become a passionate animal for a while. If cats, foxes, and bunnies are very tender and you want something wilder and more exciting, then these wolf tail butt plugs are designed especially for you. With these impressive wolf tail butt plugs, you will temporarily turn off your human consciousness and turn into a four-footed creature with uncontrollable emotions and behavior.

Become A Wolf!

You can growl, bite, kick and just behave in an inhuman way getting an unforgettable pleasure from being whom you really want to be. Do you want to play a fluffy animal and a hunter? Find out how beautiful the girl looks with this wolf tail! None man can resist the desire to hunt for such a wonderful animal! But you can also swap roles. So, both you and your partner will get pleasure from your sexual games. The wolf tail butt plug is suitable for experienced lovers of anal sex and those looking to mix things up with a bit of wolf roleplay. 

Wolf Plugs for Beginners

All our butt plugs are made of high quality, hypoallergenic material, with a protector at the base for maximum safe use. You can easily make your partner groan with pleasure with such an exciting wolf tail. Your partner will burn with desire from just your appearance. These wolf tail butt plugs will help you diversify your relationship, give them passion and light savagery. Due to the different sizes available for you, a wolf tail butt plug is suitable even for beginners.

A special anatomical shape of the products and a smooth surface will make it easy and fun to insert and remove these sex toys out of your body. Every man is a getter, so he certainly will like to play hunt. Every hunter must know that not always the prey is surrendered without a fight. Prove your partner that you are not going to surrender! A must-have for every connoisseur of erotic games! Find the best sex toy for men here.