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 Tapered tip for easy insertion

 A feeling of fulness guaranteed
 Suitable for both beginners and experienced lovers

A great toy for a variety of love games and the enactment of the sexiest fantasies. This playful butt plug with a tail will help your partner to reincarnate into a cunning, playful and very seductive conqueror. Diameter does not require previous experience. Suitable for beginners and experienced lovers of anal sex. The shape of the butt plug in the form of a cone with a pointed tip provides a simple and comfortable insertion and the base is created wide for safe use. A luxurious tail will make you look at your partner differently and provide a little excitement.   

Color/Type Black/Green/Clear/Golden
Butt plug material Glass
Butt plug dimensions

1.0in x 4.0in

Tail Length 10.63in