Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs

An unusual butt plug adorned with a tail of a raccoon is a juicy toy, which will appeal to lovers of anal sex. Racoon butt plug is a super non-standard intimate toy that not only adds piquancy and pleasure to your intimate life but also allows painless preparation for anal sex. Do you want to play a cunning raccoon and a hunter? Look how beautifully the girl looks with such a tail!

Racoon Plug Buyers Guide

Racoon tail plug is suitable for beginners and experienced lovers of anal sex. It is made with a protector at the base for safe use. These butt plugs are made of high-quality materials and the tail looks very natural. All the material used are absolutely hypoallergenic. This intimate toy will bring brightness and variety to your intimate life. Also, it is a great choice for role-playing games. The perfectly smooth surface of these butt plugs provides an easy insertion into the anus. Pleasant and exciting sensations are felt during the wearing and the muscles of the anus are trained very well.

The appropriate convenient shape makes the plug suitable for long wearing. This raccoon tail butt plug serves not only as an excellent anal stimulator, but also an excellent intimate adornment, which, undoubtedly, will please and excite your partner. A charming sex toy is an erotic and aesthetic decoration, which is designed for a special kind of enjoyment between lovers!

A pleasant way to diversify your sex life, and also present an elegant gift to your beloved. In our store, we have raccoon tail butt plugs made of various materials. This means that you can easily choose the exact material of the intimate toy that excites you the most, for example, completely transparent glass or exciting and solid steel. These unusual sex toys will add more playfulness and easiness to your foreplay and to the entire process.