Male Masturbator

When masturbating most men think that using their hands is enough. It’s proven that more than 40% of the men in the world either masturbate or have attempted to masturbate at some time. Using your hands is not bad but why settle for less when you have better options to give you the best pleasure? As much as male masturbators are made to help men when they are alone they also work perfectly for couples.

Male Blow Job & Pussy Masturbators

It’s good to know that most of this male masturbators can make sex between you and your partner even better. To make sure that you enhance your sex experience switch from using your hands to using this amazing male masturbator.

Tips for finding the right male masturbator

Now that you know about masturbators and want to try them, here are some of the tips to consider before buying one:

The material use

Masturbation toys are made from different materials. The materials include jelly rubber, TPE, Silicone, and TPR. These materials are different and their functionality is different too. Toys made from jelly rubber are cheap but can be smelly and a breeding place for bacteria. On the other hand, TPE and TPR and very expensive but are of very high quality. Silicone is the safest to use since it does not allow the breeding of mosquitos and more to that it does not affect the skin.

The appearance of the toy

When buying this toys all you need is satisfaction and therefore it’s important to get something that will get you in the right mood. Remember what you will affect what you think. Visual appearance is determined by someone’s preference. So once you are sure about the material to choose something that is appealing to your eyes.


The size of your masturbator will depend on what you want. The beauty with most masturbators is that they fit in any manhood whether big, small, short or long. However, choose a material that is flexible enough for your masturbator. In our case, the best material when looking at flexibility is the TPE.


The shape of a masturbator is very important to the buyer. The shape determines the level of satisfaction. More to that the shape will determine the cleaning method. Cleaning is very important because your genitals hygiene is required. Poorly cleaned masturbators can easily lead to the accumulation of bacteria which can be harmful. Therefore ensure that you look for the shape that suits you best.


Brand may not be a major factor however it’s important to go for a trusted brand since their masturbators are proven to be effective and working well.

Cost of the masturbator

Cost of Pocket Pussys

This may not be one of the major considerations but when looking for a masturbator, the cost is vital. Everyone wants to spend less but nothing good comes cheap. For a good masturbator, you are likely to spend between $100 and $500. When budgeting to buy have in mind that these toys also require other parts like lubes, toy cleaners and attachments for proper functionality.

How often will you use the toy

Durability is a very important aspect of any masturbation sex toy. Therefore it’s very important to know the number of times you plan to use it and if you plan to use it alone or with partners.


Qualities of a perfect masturbator

  • It’s comfortable to handle and is gentle to the penis
  • It does not squeeze too hard during masturbation
  • It has the ability to offer cum sacking action which is a craving for every man
  • It teases the penis just like a vagina
  • It is easy to clean


Health Benefits of Male Masturbators

  • Regular use of masturbators can help men with erectile dysfunction problems
  • Massage their testicles which reduces the chances of prostate cancer
  • Through them, fresh blood flows into the pelvic region
  • This toys can make men more sensitive to stimulation
  • Through the pumping people can get back their ability to erect after cases of surgery


How to use a male masturbator (stroker)

Strokers are the most common male masturbators because they are universally accepted. One thing you should know about strokers is they should be used with a lubricant to ensure proper movement of the penis without friction. One of the most common lubricants which you can use with strokers is the Sliquid H2O Original Lubricant. For proper satisfaction using strokers start by rubbing the head of your penis before penetrating. The stroker is expandable and therefore if at the start you feel that its tight don’t worry it will adjust to fit your size.

For proper satisfaction grip the outer side of the stroker and then push it up and down. Control the speed as you ensure that satisfaction is arrived at. If your stroker has holes both side then you can use your hands to close one side so that the suction increases. The first time you may come very fast but since it’s made to ensure that you get sexual stamina you will get used as you use it.

Even though couples prefer vibrators strokers are also very good for couples. It’s particularly very good when fore playing your partner.



We hope that our male masturbator guide has helped you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. Remember that masturbation is not only about pleasure but it can also help in cases such as erectile dysfunction.

Note: Buy your masturbator from a reputable manufacturer because quality is very important.  You must know that this toys will be used in your genitals and therefore they must be safe and have no effect. Some of the cheap masturbators may not hold your dick well while some can cause allergies. When looking at the safe products silicone material is the best for me and many other men. Lastly, ensure that the masturbator you are buying is verified and approved to be safe to use.