Penis Plugs / Urethral Sounds

Penis Plugs, Urethral Plugs, Cum-Thru Plugs and Urethra Sounds. When you start the journey of urethral self-stimulation, penis plug will definitely be one of the equipment you must come across. It is normally made in that users can enjoy their first experience with it while also providing a room for your own personal space of self-exploration. Cock plugs are also simple enough to use and don't require too much practice and learning.

Urethral Sounds Buyers Guide

The idea behind penis plugs started with their usage being for medicinal purposes but the idea was further modified and led to creations of devices used for pleasure now. There is a wide variety of penis plugs differing in length, size, texture, and girth. This wide range provided by manufacturers ensures that everyone finds a penis plug that will suit their sensation. You can now easily access these urethral insertions in all their different forms and sizes easily from the internet.

Just take a moment to imagine how mind-blowing it will be to stimulate the inside and outside of your penis at once. A cock plug, commonly known as penis plug, is a sex toy inserted at the opening of the urethra to stimulate its nerve endings resulting in extreme pleasure. The use of a cock plug has started gaining popularity among many men who have started embracing it as one of their crucial jewelry equipment. Some users have reported experiencing rigid erections that can be compared to a diamond while the amount of cum being stronger, longer and shooting at a larger distance. Penis plug can also be used by women for masturbation, when masturbating with a partner, or for foreplay. Mainly, the pleasure that comes out of penis plug is as a result of the stretching and massaging of urethra linings by penis plugs with their wide range of textures.

Enhanced Penis Orgasms

Orgasms experienced with penis plug is very difficult to explain. Undoubtedly, everyone has a different taste when it comes to this sensation. An instance of such a sensation is when a user touches the tip of the penis while having the penis plug inserted at the penis while fully erect, the sensation experienced can be very deep such that it will resonate through the whole body. The perfect way to put is that you will feel a difference from the regular orgasm because with this you not only enjoy orgasm from the inside but in the outside too.

Majority of people cannot come in terms with where the penis plug is inserted. It seems very difficult to make that happen with pleasure. For sure, penis plugs have positive effects. Why would people put strange objects in one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies? Due to the nature of penis plugs, a user is also at risk during stimulation. The sex toy used in urethral areas is one of the most dangerous and therefore you should always use it carefully to avoid any threat. Below is a step-to-step guide on how to take your pleasure to the next using cock plugs?

  • Ensure you also purchase a lubricant.
  • It is necessary that you have a sterile surgical lubricant along with the penis plug. The lubricant will play a major role in reducing friction making the penetration easy and pleasurable. Water-based lubricant is better at providing lubrication since they enable the plug to penetrate easily. You can even try other lubricants such as silicone lubricants but never dare to use your saliva as a lubricant. They can introduce bacteria in the urinary tract paving way for infections.

  • Confirm that the delivered penis plug is in good shape.
  • Especially for those who are new to this, make sure you feel this products just to ensure that they were properly. You see, all these products are made by humans. And as we all know that human is to error, some parts of the penis plug can have some bits that can cause injury. You don't want to have your urinary tract cut. The process of ensuring there are no damaged parts in the cork plug should be repeated every time before use because you can never be sure that they were never damaged from a fall.

  • Avoid infections by always washing or sterilizing the penis plug.
  • Now that you are sure that the penis plug is in the right form and not damaged, ensure that you have it cleaned both before and after use. The method of cleaning can either be by inserting the cork plug in boiling water for some moment or by using the antibacterial used for sex toy cleaning. Doing so will help prevent any bladder or urinary tract infections that may be brought up during pleasure.

  • Apply the lubricant
  • Now is that time to bring out the lubricant mentioned earlier. Since the urethra may absorb the lubricants, you will have to apply the lubricant from time to time. People have different preferences when it comes to choosing a lubricant. However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you first begin with water-based lubricant as you find out more.

  • Set the mood right.
  • You are now about to go into a world of pleasure. And as we must all beware, the environment has an impact on the sex mood. Close your door to avoid any interference, you can also close the window, switch off the lights, put some music on and light some candles. Ensure that you are at ease also to avoid urinary tract from contracting occasionally during the penetration.

  • Gentle now
  • Insert your penis plug gently through the head of your pee hole. If you're doing this slowly while relaxed, it should comfortably slide in. Try forcing it and I can guarantee you that you will never do this again. Doing this fine the first time will make you enjoy all the other sessions.

  • Proceed gently to the end.
  • Now that you have managed to get in smoothly, push and remove the cork plug slowly till you find the right rhythm. Just be and remember that you have many more sessions to continue with the exploration. Ensure that there is no pain felt during the whole process.

    After you are done, remove the plug then clean and store the sterile for the next session. For starters, a 5-minute session should be enough as you learn to keep going.