Staying Safe with Anal Sex Toys

Staying Safe with Anal Sex Toys


Anal sex toys come in different shapes and sizes. Butt plugs, anal vibrators, prostate stimulation toys, anal hooks, and anal beads are all sex toys used in the anus. They all look different from each other and serve unique purposes. The common thing among them is that they will give you pleasure if used correctly and in a safe manner.

The following safety tips will give you a heads up as you enjoy the sensations brought about by these toys. 

Dangers of Anal Sex Toys

The use of anal sex toys is not only a pleasurable thing to do but is generally safe. However, when these toys are used improperly the results can be devastating. The advantage of anal toys is that you can tell when trouble is brewing. Simply pay attention to your body’s reaction and respond appropriately.

Beginners may have a misconception that anal sex is painful. The truth is that it can be painful only when you are doing the wrong thing. It could be that you are not gentle enough or you are using a big toy without training your anus appropriately so that it can accommodate such dildos.

The anal lining is very sensitive and can suffer tears and even bleeding if proper care is not taken when having anal sex. The area surrounding the anus and even further inside is populated with millions of sensitive nerve endings. These nerve endings provide exceptional pleasure when they are stimulated. However, the wrong kind of stimulation can lead to unpleasant experiences for someone and extreme cases of bleeding may require hospitalization.

A major factor in such situations is a lack of adequate lubrication during anal play.

Don’t Forget To Lubricate

The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina. Any penetration without lubrication is likely to cause some trouble due to friction. This may be in the form of irritation, tearing of the anal lining or even bleeding.

There are three types of lubricants you can use: oil based, water based and silicone based. For anal sex, we recommend oil-based lubricants. This is because they last much longer compared to the others and are generally safe to use with a wide variety of sex toy materials.

It is imperative to note that oil based lubes should never be used with condoms because they weaken the latex structure and may lead to condom breakage. Similarly, silicone based lubes should not be used with toys made from silicone as this may damage the toys.

You can also find lubes on the market that is formulated specifically for anal play. 

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Good Anal Hygiene

Hygiene is a very critical component of your anal play safety. During anal play, whatever you insert in the anus, whether it is a penis or a toy, it is likely to come into contact with fecal matter. This can be minimized by performing anal douching.

The obvious way to prevent the bacteria found in the anus causing some nasty infections is to maintain high standards of hygiene by thoroughly cleaning sex toys after each use. You can also avoid abrasions in the anal lining by using enough lube every time you have anal penetration.

In case you have a tear in your anal lining, this creates an avenue for bacteria or other pathogens to pass through. This can lead to serious infections such as sexually transmitted diseases. It is advisable to use condoms in such situations or give anal play a wide berth until you have fully healed. 

Anal Prolapse

Anal prolapsed can occur when you use very large objects in your anus and are not gentle when performing anal sex. You must ensure that you conduct anal training in the right way by being gentle and patient so that your anal passage is able to accommodate objects when it is ready.

With time, anal sex may result in the loosening of your sphincter muscles which control the flow of poop through the anal passage. However, this can be rectified through the frequent performance of Kegel exercises which help to tighten the pelvic floor and restore the elasticity of the sphincter muscles. 

Toys Getting Stuck

It is possible for objects to get stuck in your butt because anything that passes beyond the sphincters will be sucked further up into the colon. This is the nature of the anal muscles. If an object is sucked into the colon, it is almost impossible to pull it out and will usually require surgery to retrieve it.

It is super easy to avoid this kind of occurrence. Simply use a toy with a flared base which sits between your butt cheeks and prevents the toy from getting sucked in.

In case an object gets stuck further up, the best action is to try and relax your muscles. If you panic your muscles will contract and suck the object further inside. Apply more lube to see if the object can slide out. You can also try to push the object out the same way you push when having a bowel movement. If everything fails you have no option but to seek medical attention immediately. 

Wear And Tear On Your Toys

Sex toys are made from different kinds of materials. These materials will wear and tear due to age and regular usage. As this happens, rough areas will appear on the surface and chunks may start coming off. Toys in such a condition can cause damage to your anal lining.

It is advisable to inspect closely every sex toy before you use it to ensure that there are no signs of wear and tear. If you notice something you’re better off disposing of that toy to get a new one than risking and puncturing your rectum.

Finally, as long as you buy a high-quality toy with a flared base, ensure you use plenty of lube and practice good hygiene, you will be safe with anal sex toys. You will be able to explore new frontiers in sexual satisfaction.

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