How To Insert and Remove A Butt Plug

How To Insert and Remove A Butt Plug

It is okay to say that a lot of info on how to insert and remove a butt plug has been discussed in details in our previous article on how a butt plug feels, this said, it is of great importance to also highlight and give you a detailed guide on the how the plug works. It is also important to have a look of our guide on butt plug guide for more insight if you have not already done so.

Starting off

The first thing you need to pre-stretch your anus, for this you will need to use your fingers. You can get anal training kits for this. They help prevent injury in the anal area by preparing it for bigger things. As soon as you feel ready, you can begin working on inserting the plug. Of importance to note is that your anus and the plug should be well lubricated before you start the insertion, as soon as this is done, you can starting working on inserting the plug slowly. It is extremely important to use the right type of lubricant for your plug, which is highly dependent on what it is made of.

The plug’s tip is the first to go through the outer part of your rectum, which is the part that can be seen. This phase is not any hard and you will not experience any pain.

A little while later...

As soon as the plug gets to the sphincter muscles which are about just 4cm into the rectum, you can start pushing the plugin slower progression as work on relaxing your muscles while at it. 

The sphincter muscles normally tighten and relax without us having to think about it, this, therefore, becomes hard for us to control it especially when we are working hard to make it do our bidding. If you experience this at this point, it could be because you are panicking or are anxious, you should remember to relax and keep doing what you were doing.

As soon as you get your sphincter to relax, the silicone plug’s tip will immediately pass through, though you could still have issues with your Sphincter tightening on its own just as the widest part of your plug starts going in.

If by any chance you experience this, do not force the push but rather put the plug in place and patiently wait for your sphincter to relax before you can start pushing the plug again. If you need to take your time and keep repeating this until you get the plug into the right place. 

Removing the plug

After having your plug in, at some point you may need to remove it, the first thing you need to do is to hold onto the stem and in the most gentle manner pull it out. The big deal about removing a plug is the fact that you always have to remove the widest part first which is not the case with when you are putting it in.

This is always done slowly and with precision. The biggest hurdle you will encounter when doing this will be the fact that the sphincter will have already tightened around the plugs narrow part and it may not be ready to let go when you are pulling. That said, it is important to ensure that you are not in a rush and applying unnecessary force when pulling the plug out.

The coordination of your hands and the sphincter is very crucial at this stage if you are to remove the tunnel plug in the best way possible and in a safe manner.

When you are working on removing the plug, you can try pushing your sphincter in a bowel like movement as you pull on the stem of the plug using your hands concurrently.  

Initially, you may think nothing much is happening, you should keep pulling on the plug and remember to be gentle about it also, let your hand work in coordination with your sphincter muscles and before you know it, you will have your plug out!   

Nearly there!

Immediately you get the widest part of the plug out, it becomes easy to get the rest of it out. You should, however, be very cautious with how you remove this, it is not advisable to remove it quickly as there could be friction which can lead to discomfort and even pain and in the worst case scenario the tear of you rectum walls. This is however highly dependent on the type of material that you use and the period of time you had your plug in.

The above tips also work for tail butt plugs and a majority of butt plugs available in the market.

Did you get the plug out? Great, that is the way to remove the plug. Always keep in mind that you need to clean the plug immediately after use.


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