Staying Safe with Anal Vibrators

Staying Safe with Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are meant to give amazing pleasure any time you pick them up. However, this may not always be the case. Risks are inherent in everyday life, but others can be avoided. With sex toys, it is advisable to stick to standard equipment specifically designed for anal play and avoid household objects such as toothbrushes or fruits. Always do your own research regarding the materials of the products you get.

The use of unconventional objects may lead you to dangers that could land you in a hospital bed. Anal vibrators are meant to enhance the pleasure experience by vibrating. Whether you are using a butt plug or anal beads, the essence of an anal vibrator is for you to enjoy play without hard work. This may seem like a safe bet since you just insert the toy and off you go. With every sex toy comes a certain level of risk that can be associated with the toy itself or how it is used, more so for a toy that is vibrating.

We now look at some of the risks and how to mitigate them.

Losing your vibrator

Well, this may seem like a no-brainer but take note that losing your vibrator inside your rectum is as common as visiting the bathroom. Once an object passes your sphincters it will most likely continue moving towards your colon. This is because the muscles inside the anus normally clench to hold anything moving through. This muscle movement can easily suck in your sex toy making it difficult to pull it out. The risk of this happening increases substantially if you are using a regular vibrator designed for the vagina. This regular vibrator is narrow and mostly straight, making it easy to get stuck inside when used in the anus.

To avoid the risk of losing your vibrator inside your anus, always use a vibrator designed for the anus. Find a vibrator which has a flared base that is at least 6 centimeters or more in diameter. The wide base acts as a stopper which prevents the vibrator from slipping inside your anal passage. The flared bases come in varying shapes for different play positions and you can choose based on your preference.

Vibrator Size

The size of anal vibrators may not seem relevant but it is an important factor because the anal environment is sensitive and the nerves and muscles can be damaged if not gently handled. If you are new to anal sex and you go for a big vibrator, the chances of getting some tear are pretty high. The small vibrators can be used effectively depending on how you utilize them. With all matters sex, it boils down to practice and finding your most comfortable style or position. It is advisable to start with a smaller vibrator and gradually move to the bigger toys as your body gets used to the new experience. Be patient when using sex toys and give your body time to adjust to any new experiences. It is also important to be gentle every time you are inserting a toy into your anus to ensure that you are safe.


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It is important to note that anal play comes with an increased risk of infection. This because of the native bacteria found in the anal passage. It is therefore advisable to choose vibrators made of a non-porous material such as silicone, glass, and steel. Non–porous material is preferable due to the absence of pores on the surface which can harbor bacteria and cause serious infections.

Vibrators made of non-porous materials are easy to clean and do not carry the risk of harboring germs.


Lubrication is a very essential part of sex and anal play is no different. Using vibrators with no lubrication will lead to the worst experience for a user. You are likely to tear your inner lining and cause irritation or even bleeding. It is advisable to have a lot of lube available before you insert anything into your anus. Applying generous lube ensures that your toy slides in effortlessly and this will give you pleasure without the risk of hurting yourself.

Having plenty of lube alone is not enough. The choice of lube is equally important. There are several lubricants available on the market. We have water based, oil based and silicone lubricants. As we have seen, the anal vibrators are made of different materials such as glass, silicone or steel. The same way we advise against using oil-based lubricants with condoms, sex toys can also react with certain lubricants.

Since you are using toys in this case, it is critical that you do not use silicone lube on a silicone toy. The reaction of the two can lead to the disintegration of the toy leaving fragments in your anal passage resulting in a dangerous situation that may need medical attention.

Wear and Tear

Any item you have will always get old. As objects age, they lose value through wear and tear and anal vibrators are no different. For example, after using your vibrator for some time, the material will start disintegrating. This will manifest in the form of cracks resulting in sharp edges which can cause damage to your anal tissue. You may realize this when the vibrator becomes uncomfortable to use or you could notice this earlier by inspecting your toy regularly.


Anal vibrators are a good investment for those interested in getting pleasurable sensations without a lot of effort. They are a safe bet instead of using household objects that may cause untold damage to your anal passage. 

The options available on the market come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes that can be customized for different tastes. After you purchase your delightful vibrator, you need to clean it after every use and store it safely for you to enjoy the pleasure for as many years as possible. Simply choose a vibrator made of a non-porous material, with a wide base, the right size and use it in the right way.

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