How to Clean Your Anal Beads

How to Clean Your Anal Beads

Anal sex is growing in popularity. Most people think of anal sex as anal penetration with the penis, but there are more options to anal sex. Anal sex also involves the use of anal beads or any other sex toy to widening the anus. 

However, anal sex isn’t intrinsically unsafe like any sexual activity. It requires more planning, preparation, communication and cleaning the anal beads you intended to use.

As more people continue to explore this type of sex, understanding anal bead cleaning strategy is essential if you want to avoid any harmful infections further down the road.  Keep reading to learn more about cleaning your anal beads.

Why Clean Counts

Anal Beads generally make sex a bit safer, and also a great way to introduce bacteria and other nasty infections to your body if you don’t keep it clean. Some pathogens, like the hepatitis C virus, can survive for several hours and days outside of the body so as the bacteria from the anus, which can be dangerous if introduced anywhere else.

Medical professionals recommend cleaning your anal Beads thoroughly after each use to keep yourself and your partners safe. There are many ways to clean your toys effectively. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Basic Anal Beads Cleaning Rules

There different ways to clean your anal beads but the most common techniques include washing your toy in warm, and soapy water, rinsing it off, and then drying it with a clean towel. This method is quick, easy and budget-friendly but its effectiveness depends on the material.

Another method involves spraying your anal beads with a solution and then dries with a clean towel. These solutions contain antibacterial agents, deodorizers and other beneficial features to help keep your anal beads in tip-top shape.

Cleaning The Actual Anal Beads

The method you can use to clean your anal beads depends on the type of material used to make the toy. Anal beads are made of two different materials: porous materials, and non-porous materials.

Porous materials are materials like rubber, jelly, and latex, and require little extra care to be sure they are safe. Bacteria can stay in the pores of these materials, so the best way to clean this material is to use warm water, not too hot as the beads might melt. You can get a specialized antibacterial cleanser designed for use with sex toys if you want to go the extra mile.

Keep in mind that porous anal beads can never be thoroughly clean if a string connects the beads, as the string will absorb even more bacteria than the beads. It’s recommended to use a condom to stop any bacteria from spreading if you must use a set of porous anal beads.

Non-porous materials include steel, glass, and silicone. These materials are much better and have no larger pores for bacteria. You can clean porous toys by boiling them with water preferably warm water if they are steel or glass. You can also make use of specialized sex toy cleansers if you wish.

Cleaning Before And After Using Anal Beads

Always clean your anal beads thoroughly before and after every use. The bacteria found in anal beads can cause all types of nasty infections to a vagina, so be sure to clean anal beads after removing it from the anus and before inserting it into the vagina. You can clean most anal beads with a mild antibacterial soap specifically designed for cleaning sex toys. If your anal beads are waterproof, then you can run it under the tap, lather up or spray with cleaner before rinsing and dry thoroughly before storing.

Besides, people tend not to like the idea of getting feces on their hands, or their toy when the anal beads go in your butt. You can avoid all this with a little preparation before you begin using your beads. Use the bathroom to empty your bowel somewhere around an hour before you start and pay attention to the area around your butt to make sure it’s squeaky clean. You can also use an enema to clean out the first few inches of your rectum for any remaining debris. You should be able to limit your chances of touching any feces with these simple steps.

Vibrating Anal Beads

You have to be careful when cleaning your sex toy if you’re using a vibrating type of anal beads. You should not fully submerge the anal beads in water as the liquid can get into the electrical parts of the device, which could cause permanent damage. Although, some anal beads are now waterproof, which means you can toss them in the sink and scrub them up with soap and water for a few minutes. You can also use an alcohol wipe or sex toy-cleaning spray to wipe them down.

Anal Beads Storage

It’s important to make sure you properly dry your anal beads before you store them but beware about putting jelly, latex or PVC beads together when keeping them as they release chemicals that can cause them to melt. However, you can store silicone beads in a cloth bag to prevent them from picking up lint.

You may also opt to put your anal beads in a lockable box or sex toy case if privacy is an issue for you. Most manufacturers recommend that you remove anal beads batteries before storage when it comes to toys with replaceable batteries. With this tips, you won't pull out your toy, only to find it has a dead battery.

In summary

Anal sex is another great way to explore your sexuality if you and your partner have an established relationship where you feel comfortable and can talk about your sexual life such as what you’re curious about trying, what turns you on, and how you feel during sex. However, taking the right precautions is essential to make sure anal sex is safe and enjoyable. We recommend you cover them with a condom during use.

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