Anal Training: How to Work Your Butt

Anal Training: How to Work Your Butt

Engaging in anal sex is an exciting adventure that needs proper preparation to ensure that you enjoy the whole experience without worrying about hurting yourself. You need to take time and follow some important steps to prepare your body for anal sex.

To guarantee comfort as you explore anal play, the anus needs the training to ensure it gets familiar with being penetrated. This can be done with a partner or solo. Preparing yourself gives you the confidence to take a different dimension in exploring new sensations.

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind as you start this journey of anal play.

You can use a butt plug to train yourself for anal play. However, in this article, we are going to focus on how to use your fingers in training yourself for anal play and eventually achieve the expertise to experience incredibly erotic sessions.

Starting out

It is important to ensure that your anus and rectum are super clean before you embark on any sort of anal play. This helps you to feel comfortable and brings some confidence if there is a partner involved.

The first step is called anal stretching. If you are a beginner who has never tried anal sex before, you shouldn’t be scared. It is a simple step that helps to gradually stretch the anus so that you can eventually start to accommodate something you couldn't take in before like a penis or a toy.

The lube

As you start to explore anal play, a high-quality lube is a critical component to have at hand. Get a neutral lube that will not irritate the anus. The anus is very different from the vagina. While the vagina self-lubricates, the anus does not. Furthermore, the tissues in the anus are not as elastic as those in the vagina. This is the reason lube is essential for any kind of anal play. Read our guide on the types of lubes to use on particular toy materials.

Now that you have lube, apply it generously to the anus and the area surrounding it.

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Relax with your finger

The stretching process is gradual and you need to start working up from a single finger to multiple fingers with time. Use one finger to rub around their anus in a circular motion and keep massaging the area until you get accustomed to the feeling.

 Get them involved

Using your finger to rub the anus relaxes the muscles and helps the anus to open up. You can achieve the same effect if you have a partner by practicing anilingus (where the partner uses the tongue to lick and stimulate your anus).

Time to insert your finger

The rubbing around the anus should bring some relaxation to the anal muscles. At this stage, begin by slowly inserting your finger into the rectum. Use your middle or index finger for this purpose and move it about a centimeter up your rectum and no further. Slowly remove the finger and insert it again. If you do this gently it should be painless because you haven’t reached the more sensitive areas of your anal passage.

This initial probe will assist you to get acquainted with allowing something to enter your anus.

Time to get deeper

The initial process is meant to relax the muscles at the anal opening and assist the sphincter to open up and allow your finger to slip inside.

Making sure it's all lubed up

Since you had applied the lube on the outside of the anus we are now moving inside and the lube is needed there. You can now pull out and insert your finger several times to help move the lube into the rectum where it will be helpful for the next stage.

Work it

As you move your finger past the sphincter you will feel it contracting and tightening around your finger. This is a natural reaction as the anxiety builds up within and you need to release that pressure. To discharge the pressure, hold your finger at its current position and do not move it. Gradually release the sphincter using your rectum muscles by pushing the same way you would do while having a bowel movement.

The harmony between your finger and sphincter will enable you to have control of the hold and release motion that allows you to relax the sphincter consciously.

As the familiarity of the finger inside you develops, you will be able to loosen the sphincter muscles. At this point push your finger up the rectum and move beyond the sphincter.

Try to move your finger around gently to get a sense of the surroundings and figure out how much space you have for maneuvering. This should be effortless.

Repeat with two fingers

This can be repeated a few times such that when you remove the finger the sphincter doesn’t close. This will enable you to move using two fingers in the same procedure until you can control the sphincter muscles and make them completely relaxed.

When using two fingers you may combine the ring finger and the middle finger or the middle and index fingers. Whichever combination feels comfortable for you, ensure that you hold them together tightly to prevent them going in different directions. Use constant pressure to push the two fingers as you release the pressure on the sphincter the same way you did with one finger. This helps to continue the stretching process to let your anus accommodate something bigger like a toy or penis.

When the two fingers get into the opening past the sphincter, twist them gently within the opening. This should give a nice sensation and perfect training that prepares the anus for full penetration.

Repeat with three fingers and you're ready

In case you intend to use a toy for anal sex or plan to have a penis penetrate you, you can repeat the above procedure using three fingers. However, if the use of three fingers causes some discomfort it is advisable to revert to two fingers.

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