How Often Should You Anal Douche?

How Often Should You Anal Douche?

On matter pertaining to anal douching, there is always a question that most people if not all do not usually have the answer to. You may wonder of how often this should be done? Is it better to go deeper and use a shower enema?

This is an extremely hard question to answer correctly as even in the medical field there are a variety of answers given to this. We will be having an in-depth look into this question which we hope will help you get answers and make a decision as to when it is right for you to douche.

If you are a first timer however, it is important to not rush into things that are new especially when dealing with your own body. There are anal training kits that can help prepare your rectum so that you can prevent injuries when using anal douches or enemas.


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How Often is it Necessary?

Generally speaking, douching would not really be a necessity. A human body has its own system of management and while fully functioning, it has a way of ensuring that everything is kept clean and you are healthy, and this it does in the most exemplary way. If douching is this so unnecessary, why would you then need to do it? 

The most obvious answer to this question is for medical reasons. It can be a good recommendation by doctors to their patients who suffer from a variety of medical conditions. If one is suffering from constipation, douching has been known to help a lot if done on a regular basis.

Besides medical reasons, douching is done on a very personal level for personal reasons. Some people do it as often as they can while others prefer to do this once in a while and mostly on special occasions.


Who Should Douche Less?

There are some reasons in your everyday life that can affect whether or not you douche and how regular you can do this. Diet is one of the biggest reasons and a differentiating factor. If fiber If you consume fiber on a regular basis and consistently experience bowel movements, you may not even need to douche that much as you may think.


Who Should Douche More? 

This is a question that cannot be answered for anyone and the reasons are entirely dependent on a person. For those who engage in extreme sexual activity inclusive of fisting and gaping on a regular basis, douching can help them to feel more comfortable. Gay men usually douche just before they engage in any sexual encounter as is the expectation by societal standards that they should always have extremely clean rectums.

For some people, how often they douche is highly dependent on their level of comfort and how douching alleviates this. There might be a chance that one can encounter fecal matter while engaging in anal sex, this serves as a put off for many people and such is the reason why such people would prefer to douche every time before they engage in any anal sexual activity.


Can you Douche Too Much?

Douching that is done on a frequent basis can lead to serious damage to your body. There are great and healthy bacteria and flora that is found on a person’s gut and rectum, you can also find the opposite of this. While douching, there is no way to tell the difference between the two, this means that you could be washing great bacteria for you while leaving your rectum exposed and vulnerable to damage.


If you are Unsure...

The best way to tell if you really need to douche or if it is not necessary is to actually use a sex toy before engaging in anal sex. It is recommended that you use a toy that is clear or light in color to determine this in the best way possible. Start by inserting this into your rectum, remove it and observe it for any fecal matter. If you do not find any on the toy, you may not to douche after all.

If for instance, you decide to douche, you should try not to always do it all the time. Pain should always be an indicator that you should stop at any given time (see how to insert a plug), it is important too, therefore, observer how this makes you feel. In as much as having a clean rectum is paramount, it is extremely important to ensure that you always practice safety while douching as your health is always a priority.

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