Dangers of Jelly Butt Plugs and Phthalates

Dangers of Jelly Butt Plugs and Phthalates

In case you have ever tried shopping for butt plugs, it is highly likely that you came across very tempting and cheap alternatives that are available in the market.  These butt plugs are manufactured using cheap materials and if you may have noticed, we keep recommending in our articles for our readers to use silicone, glass or even metal plugs.  We have a claim to back this up and we hope as you read this article you will get to understand this.


Jelly plugs and jelly rubber

These two are the most likely butt plugs you will come across online. You will frequently come across these types of butt plugs and especially in the lower end sex stores.  These usually have tagged statements such as “body safe” as well as “phthalate free”. Such claims could be ideal in helping a person to shop for the best plug if they were trustworthy. Sadly, there are no rules and regulations (except for prohibition in specific places) that help in controlling the production as well as the distribution of these toys.  In this case, you need to be cautious of any claims made on boxes as well as websites concerning butt plugs as this maybe actually untrue.

And because this will go into your body, it is important that you ensure that they do not come with something that can harm you. This is exactly where jelly, as well as jelly rubber, usually have a shortcoming.  To begin with, plugs that are made with such materials are in most occasions porous as outlined in an article we wrote on how to clean plugs, porous materials are good at absorbing bacteria into the plug’s surface.  It does not matter how much you clean them because no cleaning can remove away the bacteria because of the size of the pores which are tiny.

The toys can actually leak gas from chemicals used to make them as well as liquids while the chemicals are breaking down inside you.  They can actually stink and if you have at a given point opened a new toy. To hide this fact from consumers, manufacturers work in adding perfumes along with different smells to their mixtures which makes the jelly more likely to be unstable or contain poison. Though there is not enough research that has been conducted on what is in the jelly or the jelly rubber as well as PVC toys, a couple that is available have very horrific results not only with phthalates but a majority of different harmful chemicals that are likely to hurt you. 



I have mentioned phthalates and you most likely would like to know what they are as well as the reason why they are important. These are chemicals that are added into the plugs that ensure that the plugs flexibility while giving you the soft floppy feeling as you handle the toy.  These chemicals can be traced to everyday things that you work with ranging from plastic bags to curtains used for showers. Sadly, they have very bad side effects and as we said, the verdict is out on the dangers this poses.  We are certain that studies that were done on the effects of phthalates on rats did not yield very great results.

A high-level dosage of the same can actually kill the rats and low doses can lead to cancer as well as very bad effects on reproductive organs which are inclusive of babies being born stillborn for the rats. In as much as studies done are not so extensive as far as human beings are concerned,  we are certain that humans are likely to experience similar effects though doses needed to get this done have not been established. If you would like to ensure your safety, you would need to stop using the chemicals totally though the absence of regulation is a big issue as one cannot easily tell what has a phthalate or what doesn’t, it is important therefore to uses the materials we have recommended. 

Fortunately, phthalates used in sex toys has lowered with time. Sex toy enthusiast, as well as vendors of the same, have created a lot of awareness in recent years on harmful effects that these chemicals pose. Initially, manufacturers were not too concerned about the things did add the toys but with the great awareness, they have had to keep reducing the use of the chemicals.


Jelly Doesn’t Last as Long

These type of butt plugs are also not durable. I have come across testimonies of store owners who bought them and upon delivery, they would unwrap the package and the jelly would have already been decomposing into a liquid jelly. This is even before the end user has gotten the chance to use the same. And if you bought one that has not turned into liquid form already, it does not mean that you are actually safe. These plugs are very unstable and it does not matter the place you actually store this, they may just begin decomposing while leaking gases and oils to anything close to them. In case you actually have such types of plugs, you may need to throw this away, if you do not, ensure that you do not store them with your other toys to avoid contamination.

condoms in different colors


Can condoms protect you from these chemicals?

I have come across this suggestion on most occasions. Unluckily, there is not much research on the effects that this would bring.  It is possible that oils found in condoms would end up reacting with the chemicals while breaking this down. A condom is likely to offer protection from some of the chemicals though this is not so certain. It may just be a bit safer rather than using the plug bare.


Play it safe, buy quality butt plugs

Worried? If you are, then this is a good idea. You are now on track to ensuring responsible as well as safer butt plug use. As earlier mention, there is completely no regulation that takes care of the production as well as the distribution of these toys all over the world. If any of this worries you, great! You’re well on your way to responsible and safe butt plug usage.  If you want to avoid all these issues, just purchase a plug made from a quality material such as glass, stainless steel as well as silicone. You may need to part with a couple more bucks, but the good thing is that you are assured that they are not porous and are easier to clean and very durable in comparison to the jelly ones.

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