12 Things You Might Feel During Prostate Massage (You Won't Believe Number 10!)

12 Things You Might Feel During Prostate Massage (You Won't Believe Number 10!)

In case you have read on prostate massage before, I am sure that you may have an idea of the process and why people engage in this, if you have not, you may need to check on an article we wrote on how to find the prostate and another on how to stimulate it.  In case this has not been convincing enough or are looking for more info, then we got your back.

Prostate massage in most occasions is a very personalized experience and most men will always have different experiences from each other. This may not be as helpful if you are looking it knowing how this feels. I would recommend that you actually this as you are likely to get the first-hand experience on how this feels.

I have worked on putting the experiences below in a chronological order beginning with things you may experience as soon as you begin with stimulating your prostate and to things that may be a bit advanced that have been reported by experienced massagers.  You are likely to experience at least one if not all of the experiences listed below, however, this may at least give you a clue of what you need to expect.



I have been encouraging you to try prostate massaging and you may be wondering why I would choose to start with the negative feelings.  It is not complicated at all, the majority of these feelings will always stick out in the very initial sessions you will have while stimulating the prostate. This is caused by having no prior experience and even having the wrong apparatus and techniques used.  The great news is that once you are able to figure this out, you may be able to make necessary adjustments and begin enjoying the sessions.


1 - Burning/Itching/Irritation

This may just be the very initial feeling that you may experience once you start exploring with your prostate and this is not so great.  Such feelings are likely to affect any person inserting something in the butt for the first time, it is therefore important to actually have conversations around this. And because it may happen to you, it is not enough reason to put you off forever. 

In most occasions, the majority of the sensation is brought about by the kind of lube one uses. Because of the nature of muscles as well as nerves found in the anus and the rectum, some kinds of lubes may bring about irritation more than others. In most occasions, this can be narrowed down to one component, which is Glycerine. 

matchstick burning

Glycerine is likely to cause a burning sensation as well as acting as a laxative. This will make things for you a bit painful as well as hard due to the laxative action that ensures you get a feeling of using the bathroom more often during the time you are working on inserting things. This is not a great experience at all!

In case you do not want to have these feelings, you should always ensure that you check on the components of the lube. In case the lube you choose to uses has no glycerin and you are still experiencing burning or even itching, there must be another component in that given brand that is causing this. This may take a bit of sampling though once you figure this out, such feelings are bound to end.

In case you are 100% sure that you lube is not the cause of the irritation it is more likely that something different is causing this. In most occasions, this may be a simple thing, however, it is important to actually check on this as pain could be a sign that you may have damaged your anus.

In some occasions, it could be that amount of lube you are using is not enough. This is easy to tell and you may only need to add some more to feel the difference. It could also be that your lube is not going past your sphincter muscles. The muscles hold on tightly to anything that is inserted in the anus and may brush off any lube blocking the same from passing through it.

Ensuring that you have enough lube is equally important as the anus. Anal, as well as prostate linings, are extremely sensitive and any touch while dry can lead to untold irritation. In case you experience difficulties in getting your lube inside, you may need to seek the help of an anal syringe. 

And if you are more than sure that your lube is not the issues, it could be that you are not in the mood in this case. In case this happens, then you may need to put things on hold and try later. You have more than enough time to explore though pushing yourself to the extremes an lead to permanent damage and you may never feel good about this whole experience. 


2 - Erection/no erection

This is a very key part of the prostate massage as to how much your penis will be involved.  There are those people who will experience an erection during stimulation of their prostate while for others, this is not the case at all. In both scenarios, it is totally okay and you need not to feel like anything is going wrong just because you do not have an erection. 

The only thing we can comment on about erections during the process of a prostate massage, don’t sweat about it!  An orgasm for a man usually leads to a refractory period during which a man is not able to orgasm again and on most occasions they cannot also be aroused. Majority of the men will realize that during this period it is hard for them to have fun with prostate stimulation and in this case, it is important to not think about the penis until you are actually done stimulating the prostate. 


3 - Fullness/ Not being used to something in your butt

This is most likely to be a very common feeling for men when they begin exploring their prostate. It does not matter what age you stand at when you begin this process, you must have been using your anus for many years but as an exit path. Your brain is tuned in to this fact and assumes that once something is in the area one needs to make use of the bathroom. 

This may not last long. Just as in with other body parts, it narrows down to habits. Human beings in most occasions are not so receptive to change which means it may take a little longer to adjust to this whole process.  

It is very important that you do not lose heart. In due time, your body gets to adjust to the new feelings as well as breaking habits built over time.

 long distance peeing

4 - Need to Urinate

Most people usually experience this one. Your prostate plays a key role in the regulation of exactly what will come out through your penis.  You should visualize this as a Y junction one part of it leads to the bladders while the other to your sperm factory.

As you are stimulating your prostate it is very likely that ejaculation matter will eventually make its way through your penis.  In most occasions, this is usually thinner and running than the normal ejaculation because it does not carry the sperm.  It counts for the expulsion of liquids that your prostate adds to the sperm. 

As you stimulate the prostate and get close to climaxing, you may feel an urgent need for urination.  Here, you can work on breaking this habit and continue with the massage session. This feeling is brought about by your prostate’s need for the expulsion of fluids and this in every occasion is what comes out of your penis.

At the end of it all, it may feel as if you have wet yourself. It may even look like so though this is not the case.


5 - Need to Poo

Just as with the need to urinate, there are men who may have the urge to poo during this process of prostate stimulation. Unlike with the urge to urinate, if this happens you may actually need to halt this process. There are a couple of reasons that this feeling may come about and if this happens, it's more likely that you will poo. 

One of these reasons has been mentioned above which is the type of lube you are using end up reacting to the anal canal.

In some occasions, you may turn out to be unlucky as far as timing is concerned.  You may even have worked on evacuating this are beforehand and unfortunately, something may have been left behind. Prodding as well as poking can end up causing irritating to this area. 

Whatever the case, you may consider stopping this process altogether and go to your bathroom, and work on evacuation for your bowels. You can still go back to the stimulation process through an unintended accident can put you or even your partner off from the continuity of the same.

The best advice would be having bowel movements like an earlier before executing your plan also ensure that you ingest lots of fibers. This will ensure that when emptying your bowels, everything will go out as should be the case. 


6 - Nothing

This is something that you may actually come across while stimulating your prostate. At times, it can actually take you a bit of effort and more sessions to actually achieve the experience you are searching for. There are those times when the feeling will just be an uncomfortable one or an irritating one.

There are men out there who do not find any fun with a prostate massage.  In case you are caught up in such a scenario, you could try working with different positions, making use of toys a different environment etc. That said, you may not even have fun but it is important that you do cross this off.   Taste and preferences are constantly changing and in a couple of years, you may start liking this.



Negative experiences are in leaps and bounds and this can easily put someone off. You should not worry about this, it is of paramount importance that you are aware of what to expect in terms of feelings on both ends. Just in case you actually learn to get past the bad feelings you may just be surprised by how nice this can turn out for you in your prostate massaging sessions. 

It is not a guarantee however though with plenty of practice you will come across some of those feelings.  The most important thing is that once you are able to get the right momentum for your prostate you are likely to enjoy and shun negative feelings.

 man feeling his abdomen

7 - Fullness/ Not used to something in the butt

I may have already mentioned this above though I would still like to get into it. Get to feel new things can be on most occasions very exciting and having something up your butt could be unlike something you have experienced before. 

The feeling of being full is the initial thing you will experience immediately you start inserting things into your anus and this can be very intense.  Such muscles for most of your life usually control feces flow. In this case, the insertion of different things into the anus is a complete change of functionality.

As you keep putting this into the butt the more likely you are to feel fuller.  The pursuance of fullness is one the reasons why people even use butt plugs frequently.  This feeling is not like any other and cannot be explained.  The best way to explain this is a bloated stomach though in a pleasant way.

It does not matter what the first feeling is for you, with time, the majority of the men get to have fun with their muscles adjusting.


8 - Intense pressure/Need to ejaculate

With time and pushing of your prostate to getting an orgasm, pressure starts to build up, There will be increased blood flow with more stimulation of the gland and swelling occurs for the different liquids in as well as around. With greater intensity, the feeling of a release will become intense too.  This may feel like a need to actually pee but with time it may end up being an ejaculation.

You should always remember that you should NOT.  Resistance is very important before you can get to touching the penis. There are men who can actually get multiple orgasms just before they give in to masturbating in a normal way. If you are able to last longer, the greater the intensity of the traditional orgasm.

Ensure that towels, as well as tissues, are within reach.  If you allow for pressure to build up for a given period of time, you are likely to ejaculate very well and this can splash everywhere. 


9 - Waves of pleasure

The most repetitive thing you are likely to come across while reading of different experiences is a commotion notion that prostate stimulation is a wave of pleasure.   This is to mean that pleasure is not just at the penis level experienced when one is masturbating but on the different body parts.  

Most people describe this as experiencing warmth in the pelvis or even the stomach. The warmth keeps growing with more stimulation and gets to different body parts. Majority claim that it is mostly experienced in the pelvic though this can get to other parts this is dependent on the arousal level. 


10 - Full body/Multiple orgasms

This remains to be the best part of a prostate play. Most men engage in prostate play so that they can achieve a full body orgasm as well as multiple orgasms. 

You may have actually come across this especially when a woman is having an orgasm and their body shakes.  This is actually what a full body orgasm looks like.  This does not happen too often in men.

The facts behind this are debatable but it is very important to take note that frequent stimulation of your prostate can help a man get to this level of orgasm.  This may be because your prostate is similar to a g-spot that is found in women.  The fact is we have similar parts but organized differently.

It is easier for men to actually be jealous of how women orgasm since they are able to experience multiple orgasms in one session. This for a man can be achieved while having a prostate massage. There have been claims by men that they even have about 2-3 in a given session. Some even go further to claim that they get about 30-60 minutes of consecutive orgasms experienced within seconds or a matter of minutes. 

When a man is looking to get multiple orgasms, they should focus majorly on the orgasms they get from their prostate.   Such orgasms do not lead to men refracting and this means that the man would not need to rest after having an orgasm. In case a penile orgasm is experienced, you immediately go to the refractory period and this concludes your prostate session immaturely. 


11 - Shortness of breath/Wobbly legs/Can’t get up

Because of the intensity that comes with prostate orgasms, most men experience close to all of the above feelings.  These orgasms can overtake you and make it hard for you to catch your breath. This is factual on occasion that you have someone else giving you an orgasm. A toy that is causing vibrations or even a partner may not be stopped easily and this can lead to a struggle for one to recover leaving them to the mercy of the giver. 

In case the warm feeling gets to the arms as well as the legs, it can lead to their weakening. If one would like to stand up, this can be quite a site and entertaining as well as on most occasions your legs will not be able to hold onto your body weight.  Majority of men may have at one point laughed at a woman who found themselves in such a state, it may be a spectacle when this is reversed.


12 - Drained

The feeling one gets as well as the experiences they get to go through during a session for a prostate massage to get an orgasm, there is something that is consistent for the majority of the men.  This process takes a lot from a person. The most expected thing is that a great session should lead to a feeling of being content as well as relaxation.  It may take a couple of hours but the moment you get to experience an orgasm it can be a refreshing feeling.

From the above discussion, there are many experiences one can get in a prostate massage session.  As earlier mentioned, you may not experience all the above. Majority of these feelings are more common when one employs the help of a prostate massager instead of using their fingers. You should at least get an idea of the feelings that you may experience as this will help in boosting your confidence allowing you to relax more especially if you are just getting started with prostate massage.

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