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Thin Metal Penis Plug

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It allows you to experiment with different temperatures
Great if you want to experiment
It will give you great satisfaction
 Suitable if you want to use it with your partner as well
 It’s made from a sturdy and reliable metal

If you're looking to experiment with a different way to pleasure yourself, then this penis plug might just be right up your street. This penis plug is definitely going to make you feel sensations like you have never felt before, it has been made from metal, which means that you can also make it cold or you can even heat it up by pouring warm water on it.

This product will allow you to experiment with different heat sensations that will make you get an instant orgasm. If you're looking to make things a little bit kinkier in the bedroom, then you can also use this penis plug with your partner as well, and you will get great enjoyment out of it. It also has a ball handle at one end, which allows you to have full control.


Material Stainless Steel
Color  Chrome
Size 90mm x 11.5mm