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Large Anal Thick Plug Suction Cup

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Perfect if you’re looking for something that is very thick
Includes a suction cup
You can use it in a whole range of positions
 It's a flesh color, and this makes it more realistic

This large thick anal plug will be able to make you feel sensations that you have never felt before, and this is because of the amount of girth that it has. It also has a suction cup at the bottom of the plug, which will allow you to be able to stick it to a whole range of surfaces; therefore, you can use it in any position that you desire. It's available in skin color, which makes it seem a very realistic product, so if you want something that looks more on the natural side, then this is perfect for you.

It has also been made from silicone, so if you want to you can even experiment with different temperatures when you're using it, for instance, if you place it under warm water then the product will get warmer.



Color Flesh
Size 16.3*6.8cm