Inflatable Butt Plug

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Easy for you or your partner to inflate
It will allow you to feel sensations you've never felt before
It will be able to hit every spot when it’s inside of you
It will definitely spice up your sex life

Using an average butt plug can become a little bit boring after you have used them for quite some time, so if you’re looking for something to experiment with to spice up your sex life a little bit then the inflatable butt plug is perfect for that. When you have this but plug inside you and your starting to inflate it, you will be able to reach an instant orgasm as it hits every single g spot inside of you.

You can also easily adjust the amount of air that is going into the butt plug, and you can even leave it at a certain level, so if you really like it at a certain level, then it can easily stay there. It’s available in one color, which is black and it has been made from silicone materials that are soft on your skin.


Material  Silicone
Color Black
Size 153mm