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FAAK Silicone Plug Bamboo Knot 3 Colors

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Variety of three colors
Ribbed bamboo knots for extra pleasure
It has a suction cup on the bottom of the butt plug
 You are able to try a whole load of different positions with this butt plug

If you want a butt plug that is able to stick to a whole range of surfaces, then this product is ideal for you. This is because it comes with a suction cup at the bottom of the butt plug that will be able to stick to various places, which means that you can use it for various positions that you would like to try out. Not only this, but you won’t have to use your hands at all when you use this to pleasure yourself, so there will be no distractions when you reach your ultimate climax. It is available in three different colors, which are brown, pink and black.

The texture on this butt plug is definitely something different to your average butt plugs, and that's because it's ribbed at the top, which will please you more when it’s inside of you.


Material  Silicone
Color Brown/Black
Size 20.5cm*5.3cm