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Double Sided Mouth and Vagina Masturbator and Vibration

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 TPE material which is safe, hypoallergenic and feels great.
Flesh Colored to make it that much more realistic while you’re using it.
Super Realistic with lip features on both sides and the right coloring.
Couples fun or solitary fun.
Included vibrator, with ten different settings for lots of fun!

This mouth vibration realistic artificial vagina with the tongue is a sex toy like no other. It is pleasurable, well designed and looks fantastic. It is equipped with a vibrator which has 10 different vibration settings, so you can play around until you drop with pleasure discovering all of the different pleasure settings. 

It is super flexible yet firm enough to not be a nuisance and can be used with your hands or hands-free if you so desire. It is truly a pleasant sensation and looks great while being used. It is made with easily cleanable material and is small and lightweight enough that it could be taken with you quite easily on your travels, should you want some fun while you're away!

Material TPE
Color Flesh
Size 147mm/5.28in*57mm*2.2in