Why Should You Anal Douche?

Why Should You Anal Douche?

Cleansing or rinsing out your rectum is something that is not quite understood because we are not necessarily allowed to talk about it. It is common for people to wonder what is exactly meant by the tern anal douching. To give the readers a better understanding of what this mainly consists, we have compiled a small list of the most probable reasons why individuals take part in anal douching.

There is one major reason why people take part in anal douching. It is done as a way to clean out all the fecal matter that may be in the rectum. It is usually done in preparation for anal sex. Anal douching usually leaves an individual feeling fresh and very comfortable. Anal douching is done not only in preparation for anal sex but also for personal hygiene. But for the majority of the people, they do it for sexual reasons.

Douching for Hygiene

In a layman’s language, douching for hygiene purposes means the process of removing harmful bacteria and fecal matter from the rectum. The body has the ability to do all this on its own through processes such as excretion but considerably, it needs some assistance in doing so. That is where anal douching comes in.

Anal douching is important for people who have some types of digestion disorders. For instance, people who suffer from constipation can benefit from the process. It is not only uncomfortable, but constipation is such a major health problem and many people have them.

Individuals whose diets are poor can greatly get some benefits from anal douching. Individuals who indulge in low-fiber diets or those whose fat and salt intake is high may suffer from major digestion complication. Therefore, going through the process of anal douching can be an effective way of cleansing out excess fecal matter that may have built up in the rectum due to the above reasons. For them, anal douching should be done on regular basis.

Whatever reasons people give to have an anal douche, the result is basically the same. Individuals have testified to feeling cleaner and more hygienic after going through the process. Generally, anal douching makes them feel healthier.

Douching for Sex

The process of douching for sexual reasons is a whole different discussion. The major reason why individuals do an anal cleanse for sex is to avoid bits of feces from clinging on to the tools used for anal sex. Taking part in the cleansing before anal intercourse saves on major cleansing later.

It is advisable to participate in the cleaning of the rectum slightly an hour before taking part in the act. This is done to ensure that the muscles of your rectum heal before penetration occurs. Cleansing merely minutes away to your sexual activities is risky because it can result in damaging of the anal muscles. It is highly possible that if you are not happy with fecal matter clinging to your sexual tools, then you will not be thrilled by having blood on them either.

The issue of fecal dirt clinging onto sex toys or organs is not the only reason why cleansing is important. This is also coupled up with the fact that an individual will be more psychologically confident when they know they are clean. This is quite important for couples who are in new relationships since it acts to give them the confidence that they need in the relationship. It is such an embarrassment for one to have to explain to a new partner when something does go wrong when having anal intercourse. This discussion is rather uncomfortable and quite awkward.

Douching after sex?

While some people prefer to do the anal cleansing before engaging in sexual intercourse, some will prefer to also do it afterward. This is also important because your rectum has welcomed a number of bacteria which might not be too friendly to your body. It is not only for the reason of causing damages only is the cleansing required but also for the purpose of sensitivity and the pain that one is likely to feel after the intercourse. It is advisable not to indulge in the cleansing immediately after intercourse but to give it some time and do it later.

What to use for the cleaning is also an important factor to be considered. In most instances, people will use water. But what type of water is safe for the cleaning process? A safe liquid that can be used in cleaning your butt is known as a normal saline solution. It is a mixture of water and a substantial amount of sodium electrolytes. The saline solution gives the required amount of components that balance the number of electrolytes in your body. The solution can also be made at home by adding a tablespoon of salt to a cup of water. It is quite important to ensure that the water temperature is also correct. The right water temperature is important because the mucous lining of the intestines and the colon is very sensitive. Very hot solutions can cause major damages to an individual and also inhibits the enjoyment of intercourse.

Is it necessary?

Given the above information, anal douching is a matter of personal choice. I do not judge you if you are not still convinced why you should do it. The decision to take part in anal douching or not to is completely yours. It is up to you to decide on the consequences that you might suffer if anything goes wrong during anal sex. We have the freedom to treat our bodies how we feel fit and washing is one of those things we should feel free about. As long as we are healthy and keep our bodies hygienic, the extras are up to us to decide on. On the other hand, it is necessary that we look into how comfortable we are before and after anal intercourse. Comfort is offered by the fact that we are okay in our own skin and this is the most important thing.

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