When Should You Douche Before Anal Sex?

When Should You Douche Before Anal Sex?

Anal douching is not a complex process at all, though sometimes one may wonder if they should even do it. The question that always baffles a lot of people is usually whether they should do this before, each time they have sex, occasionally, or just sometimes?  I am hopeful that this article will clear things up for you.

Douching before sex

The major reason as to why anal douching is done before any anal sex is done is because one needs to clean their rectum as well as prepare it for what is to come. In short, this is to say that anal douching should be done when one is hoping to engage in anal sex or anal play. It is not as simple as it may sound though. Anal douches are very similar in function with shower enemas. Both can be used for pleasure and hygiene.

There are people who actually douche on a daily basis as a part of their normal routine. To such kind of people, anal douching is just normal as a one would take a shower daily.  There are those on the hand who would douche occasionally which could be once in a week or after a few weeks. There are other people who douche before anal sex which could be before they go for a night out or even a date.  There is no specific rule on the number of times or how frequent one can douche though it is important to always pay attention to your own body as you can easily tell when you are going overboard.

How much is too much?

To tell you the truth, there is still no defined rule on how much is too much. In case you douche on a daily basis, there is a likelihood that this will lead to damage to the rectum. If you also douche continuously, your rectal walls are likely to dry up which can cause lots of pain while engaging in anal sex and this would eventually lead to tearing or ripping.  This can also lead to an imbalance of the electrolytes leading to gradual removal of the natural intestinal flora as well as other bacteria.

In that case, if not on a daily basis, then how often should this be done?  I would personally advise that you do this just a couple times per month. This will give your body adequate time to recover in between the different sessions. This can be spaced in whatever way you choose and can either be done regularly or just before a specific event.

If I can’t do it all the time, why bother?

This trickles down to what you want!  In case you and your partner are okay with a fecal mess to some level during anal sex, then it is not so necessary to douche. In case this is something that will end up worrying you, you should then consider douching just before you engage in any anal sex or play with sex toys.

In case you have fun with this, you can do this as frequently as you feel like. The most important thing is to pay attention to your own body, if in any case, something feels wrong, you should stop douching and allow your body to recover from this before you can douche again.

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