What Is Primal Fetish? | Are You A Predator Or Prey?

What Is Primal Fetish? | Are You A Predator Or Prey?

Primal fetish is a sexual practice where people enjoy being dominated by another person.

This domination includes things such as being “forced” to do certain tasks, being tied up, being restrained etc.

There are many different reasons why someone might want to try primal fetish.

Some people enjoy the thrill of power that dominance provides.

Others enjoy the idea of getting away with things that they wouldn't normally be able to get away with. And some people simply enjoy the feeling of submission.

Primal fetish is often thought of as a sexual interest in animals.

However, it's actually much broader than that. In fact, it covers a lot of different activities, including play-fighting, growling, stalking, wrestling, etc.

While some people might consider these behaviors to be animalistic, others don't see anything wrong with them.

They believe that they're just part of being "wild". Others call these activities "primal" because they are based around our natural instincts, rather than our cultural conditioning.

Primal Fetish Play

Primal Fetish Play is a subculture that encompasses many different things, ranging from people who simply enjoy occasionally being dominated and controlled during sexual encounters to those who engage in it regularly.

While most people associate it with BDSM, there are actually several types of fetishists within the community, each of which use different methods and techniques to achieve dominance over their partners.

While there is some crossover between primal play and BDSM A few clear distinctions exist between the two.

Primals tend to prefer to dominate and control their partners while most BDSM practitioners find themselves wanting to submit and obey their partners.

However, both groups do enjoy roleplaying and experimenting with fetishes such as bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism.

So who do you most identify with ?


Prey, in the context of sexual festishes, is someone who willingly gives themselves to the predator.

Often times, this occurs during sex, where the prey is dominated physically and mentally.

Sometimes, however, the prey does not want to give in; they resist the predator’s advances. In some cases, the prey might even try to escape.

When a prey submits to the predator, it becomes known as being "submissive."

It’s important to remember in this context that just as a predator must never forget about the prey’s boundaries, a prey must never forget that they are still free and independent individuals.


The hunter or predator is considered the dominant type. This person is usually defined by being aggressive, possessive, and dominating.

They may embody qualities associated with animal-like behavior or just the basest, most want-driven parts of human nature.

These people tend to be attracted to those who play the weaker or less powerful role.

The Right Headspace

Primal Fetish

The concept of primal play is pretty simple: it's a type of sex where partners take turns taking control over each other's bodies.

In some cases, this involves giving up power and submitting to another person; in others, it involves receiving pleasure while letting someone else give it to you.

But what does it feel like? And how do you actually go about getting into this headspace?

For many people, the answer is quite literally "by doing".

This can mean anything from simply watching porn together to participating in BDSM activities, such as flogging or bondage.

For others, though, it might involve something much more physical — such as playing sports or engaging in martial arts before the ‘sexual’ part starts.

In either case, the idea behind primal play is that it provides a way to step outside of our normal everyday lives and focus solely on ourselves.

We're free to explore our desires and fantasies, and we're able to let go of inhibitions and social norms.

This isn't always easy, though. If you've never experienced it yourself, it can be hard to know exactly what it entails.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online that can help you understand the basics of the primal fetishes and how to enter the headspace needed.


Primal fetishes aren't as popular as other kinks, so it may be tricky knowing where to start.

When beginning to explore primal kinky stuff, remember that safety is key so don't rush things.

Explore a fetish or kink slowly and carefully, making sure that both parties involved are comfortable and happy with each step along the way.

Also remember that there's no such thing as too many questions when exploring what you want to get out of the experience.

Here are some ideas to start the experimentation process.

  • Explore a role-play scenario
  • Bring new noises into your sexual practices
  • Try new smells
  • Experiment with different positions
  • Use safe words
  • Communicate openly and honestly

Scarring And Pain

Primal play doesn’t always involve pain. In fact, the whole idea is that it is pleasurable.

But there are times where it can cause serious damage — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have clear objectives.

A recent study found that some people who engage in BDSM practices report experiencing long-lasting physical injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, bruises, and even disfigurement.

The researchers surveyed nearly 500 individuals about their experiences with BDSM.

They discovered that while most participants reported no lasting physical injury, nearly half did say they had experienced one or more scarring incidents during their BDSM activities.

About 15% of those who engaged in BDSM reported having sustained permanent injuries.

Most of the injuries occurred during bondage or discipline sessions. And while most of the participants didn’t seek medical attention following their injuries, almost 50% of them said they felt embarrassed because of their scars.

Toi avoid the above, be sure to set down some clear and concise ground rules before engaging in primal fetishes with your partner.


When we think of sex toys, we usually imagine something small and discreet like a vibrator, dildo or butt plug.

But there are many types of sex toys out there, including ones designed to stimulate certain parts of the body.

One type of toy that isn't often discussed is the sex toy used by some individuals to satisfy their primal desires.

These toys are called Primal Fetish Toys.

They're meant to simulate the sensations of hunting, mating and killing, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are even shaped like real weapons, such as spears or knives.

While most Primal Fetish Toys are intended for use by men, some women also use them.

Some Primal Fetish Toys are meant to look like real weapons, while others are simply decorative.

Animal toys tend to resemble actual animals, while knife toys are typically shaped like daggers or swords. Weapon toys are meant to look like guns, rifles or other firearms.

There are also Primal Fetish Toys that are meant to simulate the feeling of being hunted.

These toys are often made of wood and leather, and they have sharp edges and points.

In addition to simulating the sensation of being hunted, some Primal Fetish Toys are actually made to hurt someone during sex.

A few Primal Fetish Toys are designed to mimic the sounds of nature. A popular example of this is the sound of a wolf howling.

Other Primal Fetish Toys produce sounds similar to the noises animals make when fighting off predators, such as roars and screams.

Ideal Predator/Prey Relationship

The term "predator/prey" describes the dynamic between 2 people exploring primal fetishes.

When it works well, both partners are happy. But when things go wrong, there could be trouble ahead.

Here's how it works...

In an 'ideal' primal relationship where each person plays his or her part perfectly, one partner assumes the role of the predator and the other becomes the prey.

The Predator enjoys the hunt and assumes the dominant role, chasing down, subduing and dominating the Prey.

This usually involves some form of physical contact such as hair pulling, biting, pinching, scratching, etc.

Foreplay might include the Predator smelling their Preys' bodies or touching their hair before trying to escape.

Once the Prey is trapped and subdued, the Predator dominates them, taking their prize (Usually sex).

When the Predator succeeds in capturing the Prey, he or she will take pleasure in the chase, the capture and the domination.

They'll feel powerful and satisfied knowing they've won over their Prey.

When the Predator fails to catch the Prey, he feels frustrated and disappointed because he didn't win. He wants to continue the game again next time and so it goes on.

This relationship should be clear and understood in the spirit of open communication before the “games” commence to avoid misunderstanding.

Beginners Tips

If you want to try out some wild sexual fantasies such as primal fetishes, there’s no better place to do it than in bed.

But what if you’re a little nervous about trying something new?

Don’t worry, there's lots of advice to help make the experience a positive and enjoyable one.

If you’d like to give it a go, here are some tips to help you get started…

  • Make sure you have plenty of lubricant on hand. When you’re having fun in the bedroom, your body needs to stay nice and slippery otherwise you could end up hurting yourself.
  • Try not to think too much about what you’re doing. Instead, let your mind drift off and focus on nothing else except the sensations that you’re experiencing. This way, you won’t feel too fearful or overthink the situation.
  • Start slowly. Take it easy when you begin playing around with your sexuality because you might find that you get aroused very quickly. By starting slowly, you can avoid being overwhelmed by the intensity of your arousal.
  • Use toys. Toys can add extra excitement to your sexual sessions, especially if you use them during foreplay before moving onto intercourse. There are many kinds of toys available today, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and cock rings.
  • Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to just following a specific set of rules when you’re engaging in sex. Experiment with different positions, props, and activities that you wouldn’t normally consider.


Primal fetish is an exciting type of sex play that can be enjoyed by both men and women. It’s all about letting loose and exploring boundaries.

So why wait any longer? Get into the spirit of primal fetishes right now!

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