Cleansing Your Colon: What is an Enema?

Cleansing Your Colon: What is an Enema?

A greater exceptional type of an anal douche is an enema, it enables you to be completely certain that no any traces of fecal substances remain behind as you engage in anal sexual intercourse. It is helpful as it stimulates the colon plus it is as well regularly used for numerous different health issues and also for cleaning purposes. For those who have an interest in using enemas and want to start using them, and you are not sure where to begin, the article is meant for people like you.

What is an enema?

This is a greater type of anal douche. An enema consists of a bag and a tube instead of a bulb and nozzle. It is similar to an IV drip that you will mostly find in the hospitals. This tube found in an enema is inserted into the anus and due to the pressure exerted by the force of gravity, the liquid moves downwards into the rectum and finally into the colon.

As for the bag in an enema, it varies so much in its size ranging from bags that can hold up to one liter or less than that too big bags that can hold up to 4 liters and more.

Enemas are traditionally utilized for medicinal purposes. In almost all cases, individuals suffering from constipation as well as those who have difficulty in passing feces are the people who get a recommendation to use enemas. However, at times they are frequently in usage for different purposes like yeast infections, extreme bloating, weight issues and the most disputable which is cancer.

However, the above is doubtless the least of the causes you are reading this article. A number of individuals when it comes to sex toy play prefer to participate in enemas ahead of the anal play. It ensures that no fecal substances remain in the anus to astonish the partner in time of sexual intercourse that definitely kills the spirit.

When should you use an enema?

 The use of an enema is certainly not a speedy and simple activity. At all times you are required to create a notable quantity of time, and get accessibility to a washroom easily if you make a decision to use an enema. However, having known about this, you would necessarily utilize enemas at any time you decide. Although you need to be cautious about the use of enemas, you are not recommended to use them regularly. This is because your colon as well as your rectum contains plenty of great bacteria and repeatedly use of enemas washes away the bacteria, and can likely cause irreparable harm.

The above is all enemas are about.  This topic has been trending in recent years, that said, in case you are searching for more details, you should check out a guide we wrote on safe enema usage.

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