Rectal Rinsing: What are Anal Douches?

Rectal Rinsing: What are Anal Douches?

 Before engaging in anal sex, it is advisable to have a thorough cleaning of the anus called anal douching. This kind of cleaning ensures that a high level of cleanliness is observed to avoid embarrassing situations when feces come in the way of pleasure. While everyone engaging in anal play may not be able to engage in douching, we will explain what it entails and whether it is necessary.

What is an anal douche?

An anal douche is a device used to introduce a jet of water into the anus for hygiene reasons. For a lot of people, the preparation for anal sex always has an element of hygiene that may be a simple visit to the shower or a more intense process using the anal douche. A simple shower would involve water and soap although the anus being a very sensitive area, you will need to be careful the kind of soap you choose to avoid irritation in the anal passage.

An anal douche is an important tool in the bathroom for those who wish to have some thorough cleaning of the anus. This device comes in different forms for convenience. Though they are mainly designed and made for hygiene, there is no rule out there that you cannot enjoy it in other ways - let's say, just like a sex toy

The bulb douche is the most common and probably the easiest to use. It’s made up of two parts – a bulb, which is made of silicone or rubber and is squeezable, and a nozzle. The bulb holds the water and the nozzle is used to direct the water into the anal passage.

The shower douche is normally a complete kit that can be connected to an existing shower or bathtub tap. That is why it is called a shower douche. The kit can be attached permanently to the shower or it can be mounted every time you are douching.

The benefit of a shower douche is that when douching it gives you a consistent flow of water which helps you achieve a more thorough and deeper cleaning experience. This kind of douche is very effective and safe if it has a regulating tap. Such a tap will help you to adjust the pressure to avoid high and inconsistent pressure that is common with household piping. When the pressure is too high it may cause a lot of pain and can rapture your rectum. It is important to regulate the pressure lest you find yourself in a hospital emergency room.

The water bag douche, on the other hand, is a combination of the bulb and shower douches to create a hybrid that is easier to use as well as portable. The bag is filled with water and hung on a hook on the wall. The bag is then attached to a long tube which has a nozzle that is used to direct the water into the anus. An adapter is attached to adjust the flow of water and prevent very high pressure that may be disastrous.

As we have seen above a typical anal douche has two main parts – the nozzle and the bulb. The bulb is basically used to hold and pump the water into your anal canal. The nozzle, on the other hand, enters your anus to direct the pumped water. Since the nozzle is the part that comes into direct contact with the anus, its size and shape are crucial in shaping your experience of anal douching. Although the nozzle type can actually affect your experience, it is advisable to apply lube around the anal opening to help the nozzle penetrate without causing any pain.

The anal douche helps to clear the rectum of any feces, leaving you feeling clean and ready for anal sex.

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When should you douche?

Regular douching is not recommended because it can dry out the walls of your rectum and cause irreparable damage. Remember, the anus does not have a natural mechanism for lubrication like the vagina. Frequent douching will, therefore, make the anal passage vulnerable to tearing when penetration takes place.

It is recommended that you can be douching once or twice a month if your anal sex is regular. This allows the rectum to gain back the hydration levels and the beneficial bacteria that may have been washed out in the previous douching. You can set certain intervals for douching but the bottom-line is that it is not a process for every other day. It is crucial to always take into consideration your body’s reaction. In case you encounter some discomfort during douching it is advisable to stop.

How to anal douche

The douching process is simple and straightforward. Fill the bulb with water. Insert the nozzle inside the anus, and gently squeeze the bulb to direct the water into the rectum.

Ensure that the water is warm. Cold water may cause shock to your body which may bring unnecessary tension. Hot water, on the other hand, may burn your rectum because of the sensitive nature of the anal lining. The water needs to be very close to your body temperature. Hold the water for a moment by squeezing your sphincters and then expel them into your toilet.

It is advisable to apply lube in the anus to help the nozzle enter effortlessly. During this process, it is important to relax for the anal muscles to loosen up. This makes the whole process much easier.

Benefits to douching

Anal douching makes the entire anal area super clean as you prepare for anal sex. This prevents any embarrassment from encounters with fecal matter. This may spoil the mood and prevent you or your partner enjoying the full benefits of anal play. When you are comfortable, it is easy to focus and achieve a much more satisfying experience.

You may also decide to have a douching session for general hygiene. It will make you feel cleaner, more confident and generally happier. Anal douching doesn’t have to be for those planning on have anal sex, you can try it and decide how it feels and whether it is something you can do once in a while.

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