What Is A Prostate Massager, And How Do You Use It?

What Is A Prostate Massager, And How Do You Use It?

Prostate health is very important for men across the globe. It is just recently that people stopped viewing a man putting something in his butt as a taboo. Even now, there are more who still feel very uncomfortable inserting their fingers in their butts. 

This is a very popular perception that men have which has led to toy manufacturers putting in the effort to bringing men the solutions they need. Prostate massagers are tools that are small in nature which are not like butt plugs that can be inserted into the anus in a direct manner and in the most accurate way work in stimulating your prostate. In case you have experienced anxiety on massaging your prostate, they are the best tools you can get! 


What Is The Prostate?

It has come to my attention that I have highlighted the prostate so much through the stigma that is usually associated with this area, there are usually limited discussions and there could be a chance that you are not sure what it does or even what it is.

It is a tiny gland that is located between the bladder of a man and his penis. Its size is close to that of a walnut, it controls what the penis releases out any time this happens, it also works in the production of chemicals as well as liquids found in a man’s ejaculation.  Because of the diverse use as well as how frequently the gland is made use of, it is vulnerable to bacterial infection, different diseases as well as damage physically.

Prostate massage is a natural way for one to tackle such issues.  Through direct touch as well as stimulation of the prostate via insertion of an object in the anus, one can ensure that the body is forced to expel fluids that have been stored in your prostate.  It helps in cleansing this area, help in increasing blood flow as well as improving the general health of your prostate as well as other organs that are close to it.

Majority of the men find it easy to stimulate their prostates using their fingers and a great lubricant often to aid in improving the general health for their prostate.  A couple of men, however, are uncomfortable with this because of issues with cleanliness, not being able to reach the gland as well as other diverse issues.  Such instances make the use of prostate massagers become important.

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What Is A Prostate Massager?

This tool is a part of the family of butt plugs. Its size and shape are similar to those of butt plugs though there is an outstanding difference. A massager on most occasions has a bend or curve in a specified place. 

This curved was designed in a way that as soon as one inserts the massager, they are able to feel the prostate gland.  It does not only help to reach the prostate but it can also be used in stimulating the gland too. This tool is better in comparison to a finger as it ensures that men are more in charge of the area they are targeting and the kind of stimulation they need.

Another benefit associated with this massager is that one can select one that vibrates. This type usually comes at different speeds as well as intensity settings. Making use of this helps you in relaxing as you massage your prostate since the massager will do everything on your behalf. This fact makes it worth as most men find it difficult to relax in order to get over the initial discomfort as well as weirdness that come with the process.  


Choosing A Good Prostate Massager

The time you make a decision to purchase a prostate massager, it could be difficult to settle for a great one, though a majority of the normal advice associated with butt plugs works for this too.  Ensure that you purchase one that is made of the best quality materials inclusive of silicone or even stainless steel; this will help you in avoiding risks that come with toxic materials while avoiding that may occur on the rectum. It is important that you also keenly observe the base of the massager, always ensure that its design is flared or is a t-bar. Your rectum swallows anything that has gone beyond the sphincter and this, therefore, means that you should ensure that the massager is stimulating the right places and not other parts of your body.


How To Use A Prostate Massager

Just as choosing one is important, using one is equally important. The first thing you need to know is the lubricant to use. Your anus does not have a lubricating mechanism and if you would like to avoid feeling any pain, discomfort or cause any damage, one need to ensure their lube is quality and use the same in generous amounts. They also function very similarly with anal or dildo vibrators except that they are shaped to find the prostate area much more efficiently.

There are 3 kinds of lubes associated and used for sexual activities, these are, water-based, oil-based lubes as well as silicone based. In case you decide to use a silicone massager for your prostate, it is important that you do not use a silicone lube to avoid breaking down the surface of the massager while leaving debris as well as bacteria in your rectum.  Also, avoid using a lubricant that has glycerin since this can act as a laxative while hindering you from inserting things into your butt.

The selection of a given lubricant can be narrowed down to an individual’s preference in most occasions. Something that is good for you may be suitable for any other person and you should, therefore, keep trying to find what works for you.  Most men choose to use oil-based lubricants and you can give this a shot too.


After you get a lubricant, ensure that you apply the same in good amounts in and outside the anus and on your toy as well.   You can apply as much lube as you need and even reapply as soon as you find the need to do so.

How flexible you anus is will determine how easy or hard inserting the massager can be for you In case you are worried, you could begin with a finger that is lubed to help in opening of the muscles. As soon as you are ready, begin inserting your massager.

It is important to be more cautious at this phase as your anus and rectum have more than thousand sensitive nerves. If these are damaged, it can lead to lots of discomforts as well as pain and it is important that this is avoided. Keep inserting your massager as long as you do not experience any discomfort and you can take breaks in between so that you can relax and make any adjustments where necessary.

As soon as the massager is in, you will feel it getting in touch with your prostate gland; your massaging session can begin. In case you are using a vibrating massager, just turn it on sit and get yourself relaxed. In case it does not vibrate, more effort is needed to maximize on the message. 

In some occasions, simple touching and application of pressure are more than enough for stimulating your prostate.  In such an instance, you need to hold on the base of the massager, push it using various angles which will help in increasing or decreasing the pressure you will experience. Using higher pressure and alternating this with low pressure can help in emptying the prostate during the session. 

Most men don’t enjoy massaging their prostate in this manner and instead of applying pressure, you could use diverse stroking movements as you deem fit.  This can still be achieved by holding the base of your massager and moving it inside your rectum. You could also try removing and inserting this to help achieve different sensations. Another movement you could try is sitting with your massager as you move your hips in a rocking motion.

Just as with any other prostate stimulation, getting what works for a person trickles back to them. If your massager is in place and is in direct contact with your prostate without experiencing any pain it does not matter the movements you do as your prostate will be massaged.  The major benefit would be in trying the diverse positions and stroking to make it easier along with the additional length as well as the shape of the prostate massager.

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