What Is A Prostate, And How Do You Find It?

What Is A Prostate, And How Do You Find It?

The prostate is vital for reproduction because it supplies the seminal fluid, which mixes with sperm from the testes. However, everybody with prostates enjoy having it stimulated. Some people will find stimulation arousing; some will find it annoying, while some may find it painful. However, for many, the prostate is a source of deep sexual pleasure. Either way, if you want to know how to find and stimulate your own or someone else's prostate, here's a guide.

What Is A Prostate?

The prostate is a gland located in men that sits below the bladder near the rectum. It’s wrapped around the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body. The prostate needs the male hormone testosterone to grow, and the size can vary as a man old. If your prostate grows too large, it can cause some health issues, and people are becoming to pay some special attention to it.

Is My Prostate Gland Normal?

Since man prostate surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries semen and urine, any change in the prostate can cause problems with ejaculation and urination. However, similar symptoms to look out for include problems getting an erection, pain in the testicles, pain when passing urine, pain when ejaculating, and blood in the urine. The male sex hormone testosterone determines the growth and function of the prostate gland.

You should get in touch with your health care provider to find out what's going on if you have any issues with weak flow or pain while urinating, blood in the semen or urine, painful ejaculation, or, nagging pain in the pelvis, back, or hips.

What Does the Prostate Do?

The prostate acts as a valve, controlling the flow of both urine and ejaculate before it exits the body through the penis. It also does much work with a man’s semen, creating a healthy environment for sperm transit, survival, and for fertilization. It is such an integral part of the sex organ and one that is often much overlooked. This negligence can sometimes lead to illnesses that is why taking care of it is vital especially for those in advanced ages. 

Perhaps the most exciting function is that it's a source of pleasure for men during sexual activities. Some people have started calling the prostate the male g-spot while others refer to it as the P-spot. Learning how to utilize your prostate during sexual activities can lead a man to new heights of sexual pleasure.

Where Is The Prostate?

Locating your prostate as a man can be challenging as nature may play a cruel trick on some men. Usually, it’s found just below the bladder, and in front of the rectum. It is towards a man’s belly button, around two to four inches inside the anus meaning the most effective and easiest way to reach the prostate is through a man’s butt. Prostate depth varies from man to man, making it easier for some men to locate than others.

How Do I Find It?

You can find your prostate either internally or externally. You can find prostate internally through your anus. If done with a finger, you will usually need to put the first two digits into your anus to reach the prostate. You can find your prostate externally by touching the right area of the perineum (the area between your scrotum and anus).

You need to touch the middle to rear of the perineum as the front part of it contains the bulb at the bottom of the penis. External prostate stimulation can be effective for some men, but most will find great effect by reaching the prostate internally.

How Do I Use Sex Toys To Find Prostate?

You can explore prostate using anal sex toys. Some toys will vibrate, which is a different kind of sensation that some guys like and others don’t. If you’re going to try a vibrating sex toy, be sure to get one with variable speed, so you can start slow if you want to. Butt plugs are also anal sex toys designed to be inserted in the anus and stay in place. Some men’s use butt plug for different kinds of sex play. Many say that having a butt plug changes the way that their orgasms feel.

Why Would I Want To Find It?

This is a big question. You might be wondering why most people would want to find a gland located in such a difficult to reach part of the body. The prostate gland is referred to as a male g-spot or p-spot from a pleasure perspective.

You should know the kind of immense pleasure that comes from stimulating your prostate if you’ve ever talked to a woman about their g-spot. Men also experience the same thing. They feel intense and pleasurable by stimulating the prostate gland.

The prostate regularly produces liquids, which become mixed with a man’s sperm during ejaculation from a health perspective. If the man is not periodically using up these liquids, they can become a breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria. A man can drain these liquids out, and keep their prostate nice and healthy by performing a prostate massage.

Things To Remember About The Prostate Gland

  • The prostate gland depends on the testosterone for it to function.
  • The prostate gland is an organ in man that produces fluids to feed and protect sperm cells.
  • The prostate gland contains three different zones and areas. The peripheral zone is the largest situated toward the back of the prostate gland. While the central zone makes up around one-quarter, of the prostate's total mass and the transition zone is the smallest part of the prostate and surrounds the urethra.
  • The prostate gland contains muscles that help in expelling the semen out of the penis during sexual intercourse.
  • A healthy prostate gland is approximately one and a half inch long and weighs about an ounce.
  • The prostate helps filters and removes toxins from the sperm, which ensures that men seed with the optimum quality of sperm and enhances the chance of impregnation.
  • The prostate gland also prevents the flow of urine during sexual intercourse by sealing off the entry from the bladder into the urethra using a muscle called a sphincter.

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