Up Your Role Playing Game with Seven Animal Tails

Up Your Role Playing Game with Seven Animal Tails

Is this your first time to the LovePlugs site? Probably not, let's be realistic! When you have been browsing, you have probably seen that there are many different tail butt plugs for purchase. What was your response? Some people automatically dismiss them, immediately making a decision there and then that they are not the type of toy they are interested in using. But for other people or even after some thought, the curiosity creeps in as does the excitement about the potential that animal role-play could have in the bedroom. Questions arise like "what does it feel like?", "what would my partner think?" and "would it spice up our relationship?"

People have all sorts of reasons for trying and using butt plugs either for the first time or on a regular basis. If you haven't used them before or are changing the type of butt plug you are using, this can be daunting. With so many different tail types to choose from and equally as many numbers of role-play options to go with them, it is hard to know where to even begin if you are looking for a new toy for the bedroom.

To help get you started, we are going to look at seven of the most popular animal tail types to get you ready for taking the animal tail butt plug plunge!

Feline Good

Let us start by heading into a cat orientated world, filled with whiskers and yarn, leading us straight to the cat tail butt plug. It does not take a genius to work out what animal these are mimicking.

The term used for role-playing when wearing a cat tail butt plug is kitten play as the wearer thinks of themselves as a kitten rather than a cat. This is a general way of thinking but applies to the majority of users because they feel that the juvenile of the species is more fun, playful and energetic.

The participant and the “owner” have their specific roles within this role play game. The kitten remains playful though a little naughty, where the “owners” job is to attempt to discipline and train the kitten to respect their wants, needs, and desires.

There is a wide array of aesthetics involved in cat tail butt plugs. Some look incredibly realistic with fluffy, bushy, stereotypical cat type colorings. But you can also find more outrageous colors if fantasy cat tail butt plugs are more your thing. Here, you can choose from purples, pinks and even green shades if that is what you desire. Colour is not the only thing you can choose either, as the length of the cat tail can vary hugely, though the average tail sits between 14 and 18 inches in length external from the body.

Want to take your kitten play to a higher level? Why not add some accessories to your cat tail butt plug, such as collars, costumes, cat beds or food bowls? You can go as all in as you like with this style of tail butt plug.

Here are three of our favorite cat tail butt plugs for you to consider:

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Canine Classics

If you are more of a dog person in the real world, then dog tails will more likely be your preferred choice of tail, so why not consider participating in puppy play?

Similar to and very comparable to kitten play, puppy play focuses on the younger generation of the species because of their fun and playful tendencies, along with the fact that puppies are generally in need of training whereas older dogs have usually already had their training and are better behaved. For this reason, it is much more fun for both participants to use puppy play in their role play.

Like a little puppy, your whole perspective on the world will alter, and you will be about to change from a wild animal into a calm, best friend for your "owner." The majority of role-play used with dog tail butt plugs is based around training usually, though of course, this is optional, leaving you with time and energy to have a tail wag and more bedroom fun later!

When talking about the aesthetics of dog tail butt plugs, they are not butt plugs which are hugely elaborate and in fact, tend to be rather simplistically designed. Unlike a cat tail butt plug, they are not bushy or fluffy, but are instead created from silicone and are generally short and curved in their shape. When it comes to length, this style of butt plug tail is shorter, at an average of eight inches, though there is always the option of finding longer or shorter options if you so desire.

Heighten the role-play experience by introducing accessories into the mix, though just how far you go with this is entirely up to you. Everyone using a dog tail butt plug wears a collar, with many also choosing to incorporate leads, bowls, and dog beds, too. If you are wanting a more hardcore experience and a more sexual style of role play, there is an option here for you to use gags and humblers.

If you want to participate in dog tail butt plug role play, then take a look at these three options:

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Bunnies in the Bedroom

What is the most stereotypical animal associated with sexual role-play? You guessed it – it is the bunny! Thanks to the famous Playboy bunnies and Hugh Heffner, bunnies have been associated with sex appeal since the 60s. But this isn't an animal style butt plug just for opposite genders, no. The same-sex appeal is off the charts for the bunny tail butt plug.

The bunny tail butt plug has a different association than most other butt plug tails though because of the sex factor it has already been given by society which is so well known. By this, we mean that the majority of users of the bunny tail butt plug do not wear it to replicate the characteristics of a rabbit, but instead want to replicate a Playboy bunny in their behavior and sex appeal instead. There is the occasional shared characteristic as both a rabbit and a Playboy bunny could have certain “bouncy” elements, but that is about as far as the similarities lie.

Aesthetically, the bunny tail butt plug looks like a pom-pom. Usually, they are about three inches in their length and are available for purchase in absolutely any color you could dream of.

In terms of accessorizing your bunny tail butt plug, this is less cute animal-based and is actually much more sexual. Often the animal as opposed the "owner" actually ends up being in charge in this situation, too. To look and act like a stereotypical Playboy bunny, many people choose to accessorize with whips, gags, bondage ties, and the corset to really complete their look.

If you want to bring a Playboy bunny to your bedroom with a bunny tail butt plug, consider:

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Feeling Foxy

Don’t want to focus on a domestic animal? No problem! There are many people who find a fox the most appealing animal to role play in their bedroom. An animal which can be found all over the world and is often a symbol of great admiration, there is a fox tail butt plug for you to play with if this is your style.

Fox play is not particularly comparable to that of other domestic animal styles, mainly because they are wild. Not only this, they are stealthy, cunning and usually tend to live on their own. However, foxes can be extremely playful, which is why they are a brilliant animal to use during role play.

You can attempt a bit of taming and training between animal and "owner" with this fox tail butt plug, but there will be no hierarchical gains here – rather a mutual understanding.

Fluffy and long, fox tail butt plugs can be between 16 and 18 inches long normally and tend to mimic the natural beauty of a foxes coat when it comes to the coloring. However, if you want to play with something a little more outrageous, you can find fox tail butt plugs in more vivid and exciting colors which could add to the fun in your bedroom.

There are not a huge amount of accessories you can use to increase the foxy look with this butt plug style. Some users do, however, tend to self-domesticate their fox and introduce a bed or food bowl into the equation, though this is usually done by the role player and not the "owner." If you did want to go full out, there is an option to wear a full fur suit, a face mask or you could even use face paint to get a more unique look if you have that artistic flair.

Feeling foxy? Try these three fox tail butt plugs:

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Lone Wolf

Another wild animal option for you to consider is that of the wolf. They are highly sociable creatures and so this could be a great option if you were looking for a role play option where you could both get into character instead of having one "pet" and one "owner." Wolves are very inquisitive, exploratory and a hugely playful. This is an ideal scenario for a semi-realistic animal role-play option where exploration of yours and your partners' bodies will occur very naturally.

The wolf tail butt plug tends to be a very long and fluffy style tail, similar to that of the fox tail style but darker in their colorings. The usual colors for wolf tail butt plugs are browns, blacks, and dark greys, with the lengths being an average of 16 to 18 inches.

Accessories are relatively none existent if you are wanting to keep the wolf as a completely wild animal within your foreplay games. Some people do choose to sway their wolf based relationship towards becoming tamer so that they can introduce some accessories such as a collar, water bowl, or dog bed.

Here are our favorite wolf tail butt plugs:

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Pony Prancing Practice

Want to include a butt plug from a completely different angle of the role-playing stakes? Why not consider using a pony tail butt plug? Pony play is a much more rigid style of role-playing which suits many newcomers to the scene because it is so well structured and gentle. It is based on training and obedience techniques used by horse trainers around the world in order to entice the beautiful horses into performing their skillful tricks on command.

There is also scope for the more experience role-playing or butt plug loving couples to take advantage of the pony play experience through venturing into role play outdoors. This is where the "master" educates the user as to the requirements and techniques needed for a pony to prance and perform perfectly.

If you are really wanting to take pony play to the next level, you can also get involved with pony playgroups, where multiple "owners" take their "pets" and show them off to the rest of the group. It is the human pony version of horse trials!

There are not many butt plug styles longer than those of pony tail sex toys. They are well designed and well made, creating a beautiful overall butt plug with long delicate strands of hair to really emulate a real horse’s mane. The majority of pony tails are blonde or black, but if you want to go for something a little bit more mythical, you have the option of choosing a unicorn style pony tail butt plug. Whatever your style, the majority of pony tails sit at 16 to 20 long and will be sure to cause a real stir.

There is a wide array of accessories you can use to enhance your horse role-play options, including those of bridles, harnesses and even a whip if you so desire.

Looking for a more equestrian style adventure from the depths of your bedroom, here are some fabulous pony tail butt plug ideas:

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Racy Raccoons

Okay, so these are probably not the most obvious of animals to incorporate into the mix when talking about being sexy, role play ideas or butt plugs, but you may be surprised to know that they are actually one of the most popular options. Generally, people are not the biggest fans of raccoons themselves, but when it comes to role play, these furballs are popular characters and have fabulous tails.

If you are wanting more fun and want to discover a more playful approach to role-play or foreplay, then the raccoon tail butt plug could be just what you are looking for. These little animals are known for being very friendly, playful and good at socializing with other animals. They are natural foragers and are very talented at using their claws which lends itself well to you being able to use specific games such as teasing and treasure hunts within your role-playing.

Usually, the raccoon tail butt plug is a shade of brown, though these shades vary, and you can choose the most attractive color for you. Designed to look just like the real raccoon’s tail, they all have striking stripes on them in black or brown, so you always know what animal you are playing with. As much as there is not a great deal of variety in the colorings and markings, there is a great amount of variety with the makeup of a raccoon tail butt plug. They can be found in glass, stainless steel, and silicone, so choose whatever you prefer, are most comfortable with or turns you on the most. They come in a standard length between 10 and 14 inches.

When it comes to enhancing raccoon based role-play, it is not particularly straight forward because it is not the most common type of role play and these are wild animals we are talking about. But with a bit of imagination, it won't take you long to come up with something fun to have as an addition to your racy raccoon tail butt plug.

Check out these really racy raccoon tail butt plugs below:

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Up Your Role Playing Game!

Throughout this article, we hope that you have noticed that we have given you as many ideas as possible to show you how you can enhance and advance your animal tail butt plug role-playing experiences. But if you are wanting to take it the next level, there is one essential item that we have missed out and we have done this on purpose because it is so important that it deserves its own feature. What are we referring to? Ears!

As all animals have specific animal tail butt plugs that are recognizably theirs, all animals have ears that are recognizably theirs, too. These are usually fluffy, cute and really easy to wear as they are mounted on headbands so will not get knotted in your hair or be painful and difficult to remove. You can wear them in conjunction with literally any tail butt plug, any accessories or any other outfit extras that you choose to add. Choose animal ears to match perfectly or choose something completely random to give an extra kick while playing around in the bedroom.

Here are some of the cutest ears we could find for you to look at:

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So, we have taken a look at the seven favorite animal tail butt plugs that people enjoy role-playing with but do not think that these are your only options – there are literally hundreds. If it is a real or even fictional animal, there is an excellent chance that there is a tail butt plug version of it for you to enjoy role-playing with.

There's something a little bit kinky about all of us, even if we don't always like to admit it! So, keep your eyes peeled for slinky accessories to go with your animal tail butt plug of choice and increase the pleasure you gain from role-playing.

Whether you have role-played, used butt plugs, or experience animal tails before, there is a whole world awaiting you ready for you to get your paws on!

Fiona Petree

Every product on PlugLust is hand picked by me to ensure you get the most out of your new toy. If you have a question about any product, or the correct use of any of our products, myself or an experience team member will reply to your emails and comments, and we love to hear from our satisfied customers.

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