The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Orgasms

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Orgasms

I guess by now you have already conducted your research and made a discovery of your prostate gland, by now you may have already gotten away around massaging it and are aware of potential feelings you may experience.

You must have already done your own research and even come across your prostate gland. You might by now have gotten around how to properly massage it and even the feeling you may experience. The issue here is that you are not able to orgasm.  

Do not worry! This does not mean that you are broken or even incompetent. It is not easy to experience a prostate orgasm. There are men who spend years milking their prostates and never have orgasms.  In as much as it is a great end in mind, you should note that it is important for your health, if even though you do not experience an orgasm. 

In case you would still like to take this to the next stage, that’s great!  It will take time as well as dedication to get an orgasm, a majority of the men find it easier to experience orgasm after they have had their very initial orgasm.  This is mostly on attempts that may follow, you already know what worked for you to get yourself to orgasm and would only need to repeat this. 

I would like to ensure that you have all the insight you need about the process, I will begin this description all the way from the beginning to the end. I will also top this with additional notes from online sources. There are those who may not find this as important and there are those that this may just make a big difference for them between a normal prostate massage and a mind-blowing orgasm.


The initial phase of any massage that pertains to the prostate is of paramount importance in case one wants to get an orgasm. Having a wrong perspective is a recipe for no orgasm at all. 

There are men who love to follow on specific rituals or guidelines in preparation for a given session.  Such can just be an order of how one does things and this could be inclusive of taking longer baths, lighting scented candles or even performing a massage with oils before a session begins. 

There are a couple of things that every man can do before any prostate play begins.  A bowel movement is important to get rid of possible feces that are already stored.  Men can have diverse opinions about this though the most common is visiting the toilet an hour before a session begins.

Another step all men take is usually a shower. It is important that you pay close attention to the anus and ensure that it is well cleaned. According to the experience you might have with previous anal activity, you may need to start with inserting your fingers gently into the anus. This ensures that you clean up the place though you could start feeling a bit turned on.

Getting aroused

It does not matter whether you get started off during your shower, almost every man who has ever experienced a prostate orgasm can agree that arousal is the initial step to getting an orgasm.  Once you are in the mood, blood will flow into this area and your prostate also swells up.  It makes it simple for you to find the prostate and you also get to experience pleasure.  Majority of the people who try to massage their prostate while they are not aroused can attest to the fact that this is not as great. In that case, you should do whatever it takes to get your love juices flowing, this can be watching porn, massaging or even stroking yourself.

Tools for Prostate Massage


These are the to go tools for most men who want to stimulate their prostates. They happen to also be a very easy option though they have their own disadvantages.

The prostate gland is about 2-4 inches inside the anus. For a majority of the men, they need to insert at least two joints of their fingers in order to reach this. For others, this can be further up and they may need to use the whole finger. There are those whose fingers may not be as long which means that they would need a different method to stimulate their prostate.

In order to know if you can reach the prostate, you can begin by inserting your finger inside the anus. You can begin by placing a small amount of pressure on the front wall of your anus which is the part that faces your belly. In case you don’t experience anything, insert your finger just a little further then put some pressure. You need to keep doing this until you are able to locate your own prostate. The moment you locate this, you will experience a sudden urge to urinate. This is okay and normal and it does not mean that you will wet yourself.

In case you locate it and even reach it, that is great news! You have just passed the first test. In case this is not the case, you may need to check out the prostate massagers area and check out for alternatives available.

The second issue that you experience is that you are using your fingers and just as with any other body part; they are prone to getting tired. 

There are men who may take a couple of hours to get an orgasm and that means you cannot use fingers for such a long period of time. In case you are able to keep this going without experiencing arm cramps,  you will still experience limitation with the movement range. Having your finger inside your anus while ensuring that you are comfortable limits the space you are working with and dependent on the angle you need to reach the prostate, it may not be the most effective way to massage the prostate.

Locating the prostate can become a daunting task, you may need to take a different day to explore this while identifying different areas that are most sensitive to touch. With this knowledge, prepare yourself and rouse yourself for a great session ahead!

That said, it is important to note that this is specific to each individual which means if it suits you, you are good to go if not, it is time you tried different tools. 

Prostate Massagers

Man always finds a way to do things even where things seem impossible; this happens to be the case with prostate massage. This has been subject to taboo as well as controversy but people have found different ways to explore trying different methods to stimulate the prostate even if they do not succeed with their fingers. Such methods are inclusive use of prostate massagers

In this case Butt plugs though designed with a curve or even an angle to help you in hitting the orgasm you wish for. They are available in different types, shapes and even styles, it can take you time to identify one that works for you, once you do, you are assured of easing the process entirely. 

In case you decide to utilize a massager instead of using fingers, you will be assured of additional advantages. Using the fingers entails additional movements but with the plug, you only need to hold onto its base while angling it in a manner that suits you best. With a plug, you get full control of movements as well as the pressure you exert on your prostate and this eases everything for you. In case you feel the arms tiring, you can choose to rest. That said, you could still stimulate the prostate using kegel exercise.   As you clench and release during kegel activities, you will be moving the plug up and down while stroking the prostate. 

An additional bonus is a vibration.  This movement is something that you cannot recreate using your fingers. Getting yourself a vibrating plug can change how you feel while prostate massaging which helps you in relaxing and experiencing great feelings without the need to touch. In case you have tried other methods to help you in focusing and relaxing and failed, a prostate massager is a great method to achieve this.  


I am sure you have noticed that we have emphasized how to get started and not how to achieve an orgasm, trust me, we are almost done with the preparation part, I assure you!

Lube is the final part of prepping. It is, however, very important and maybe not given as the last part. The anus does not have any form of lubrication and without lube, you will feel as if you are rubbing the insides with something like sandpaper. This is simply unpleasant and very painful.  

It is important to ensure that you get a high-quality lubricant. If this can last long, then you are all set. It is still okay to reapply although it can be a mood killer in case you were almost getting to orgasm and have to stop in order to reapply the lube.

Silicone-based lubes as well as oil-based lubes last longer in comparison to water-based lubes. Water-based lubes are totally okay for anal activity though one would have to keep reapplying especially during long sessions. Silicone-based lubes, on the other hand, should be used cautiously, avoid using this with a silicone sex toy as when as when these break down on the surface material, these contaminates your rectum as well as the anus. 

Oil-based lubes, in this case, are the best, they are available in different forms and you can select one that best suits you. You should, however, conduct thorough research on lubes and what they are made up of, you do not need a bad surprise later.

You may also have to use a good amount. What you may think will be enough needs to be doubled. You need to have  lots of it inside your anus. This is the part where a majority of the people fail on during anal play.  Having your lube on the finger or a massager does not guarantee it into making it to the butt.

In case this is an issue for you, you can try using a lube syringe. Such syringes meet medical standards by inserting them into the anus, you are able to get the lube into it. 

Stage One: Finding Your Groove

If you are now turned on, you have lubricated the area well and selected a method to massage your prostate, you are good to go.

In case this is your first time, you should consider taking things slowly. This is great advice for all anal activity and most true in the case of a beginner.  The sphincter muscles in the anus are very flexible, however,  they are mostly just used to opening up when you go to the toilet. The more these muscles get used to a prostate massage, the more they get to adapt to opening up and it becomes easier to insert things in there without experiencing any discomfort.

Immediately you get what you want to use into the anus, you can choose to rest for a little bit, It is important to note that you have to be relaxed at all times as well as aroused and negative thoughts on how weird your butt could be feeling do not help at all.  Keep adjusting to how you feel and even if not during your initial session, this can happen in other sessions. 

In case you have reached the level where something in the butt no longer feels alien, and in the same breathe kept yourself aroused and relaxed, you may just be in the best mood to experience an orgasm. In this case, you only need to keep stimulating it.

There are diverse motions that you can work with. People appreciate different things and instead of telling you what’s best, I will list them and you could go ahead select the one that best suits you.


  • Come-hither motion: This is very popular, with your finger, roll it up and back towards the belly. This movement is similar to when you ask a person to move towards you and highly recommended for the vagina too. This motion works in stimulating the whole area in the most gentle manner.
  • Pushing a doorbell: Mostly recommended while entering the anus. Instead of directly poking on stuff, you need to rest the pad part of the finger on your prostate as in with a doorbell. You can then in the most gentle way begin ringing the bell. Use diverse amounts of pressure, hold this down for as long as you can until the moment you get to the point you like.
  • Circling the yard: This may be a little hard and is dependent on the angle or how adventurous you are.  You need to lay finger pad on your prostate as in with the doorbell though instead of pushing, you have to run a finger on the edge of your gland. The size of the gland determines how effective this is for you. Use different speeds and pressure amounts as you rub.  
  • Simulated Vibrations: In case you are able to master the movements without roughness, it is possible to have your finger feeling like a vibrator. This can give you a very good feeling though it is a little bit hard to keep up with this type of motion for longer.  I would recommend saving this for that moment when you are about to have an orgasm.
  • Experiment! I may have not mentioned everything there is to a great prostate orgasm. The good news is that the whole process is personal and it is totally okay to be experimental. You can try different movements with your fingers and see what you enjoy most.
  • Be Gentle: It does not matter the method you select in using your finger, you should take caution. Your prostate as well as the anus happen to be super sensitive and being rough may bring about soreness for a couple of days. Being too rough can also lead to damage and may hinder you from enjoying the process.


There are diverse options and different too which is why I will not list each technique. I will, however, highlight a couple of ideas that can be done using a massager.

  • Pressure this is arguably the simplest in variance to use with a massager in comparison to fingers. Having the ability to move the unit by pulling as well as pushing it on its base gives one great control. Once you find the level of pressure that best suits you, you may decide to use that while positioning the massager here for sometime and it does not require much effort in comparison to the fingers.
  • Depth: Prostate massagers are available in diverse sizes. Long massagers are capable of going deeper into the butt and in the same note hit on the right spots for your prostate. There are those who will also just get to the prostate and not any further. Comfort and enjoyment will go a long way in determining the type of massage that best suits you.
  • External massage: Most massagers are availed with additional arms sitting outside of the body. This not only helps to keep the plug outside but also helps in stimulating the perineum. It is a fleshy part just behind the scrotum and under the prostate, it is what is stimulated in external prostate massage. A massager that has such kind of arms guarantees you the best from each world.
  • Cock Ring: Some prostate massagers are also fitted with a cock ring from the outside. Such rings are essential especially if one is struggling to maintain their arousal while performing a prostate massage.  There are men who experience issues with their erections the moment they insert things into their anus. Staying erect during the entire process can give you the most amazing arousal.
  • Vibrations, this is a great way of ensuring the process is much easier. In case you are looking for an easy method, this is the best method.

In case you are looking to use a prostate massager instead of your finger, we have covered the two designs in depth and you should look at them keenly.

Stage Two: Pre-Cum/Milking

You are likely to encounter white fluid from your penis. This should however not alarm you as it is part of the process.  This is ejaculation without sperms.  These liquids are composed of liquids usually stored as well as produced in the prostate, they have a milk-like color as well as consistency and this is the reason why this is referred to as prostate milking.

It is entirely to you to milk your prostate for the longest period you wish as well as applying the amount of pressure you need while ensuring that you have cleared everything out. In case the end goal for you is to experience a prostate orgasm this cannot be a primary issue as it is a sign that you are doing things right.

There are times that you can take longer massaging with no pre-cum. In such an instance, it could be that you are not hitting the right places. Everyone has a different body and it does not mean that because it is written, it does not necessarily mean it will work. In case this happens to you, you could try a different technique.

Techniques that might help

Different Positions

In case the initial choice of a position does not suit you, there is a diverse selection of positions you can select from. A very popular position entails lying on the back as well as reaching past your stomach. In case this does not work for you or you are interested in a different alternative, find below a couple of alternatives:

  • Face Down: This may not be so adventurous, though it is effective. Flipping to your stomach is able to allow a little more access to the anus, in case you need to, you can put your hands on the back as you continue with your massage allowing you to rest the arms to avoid being tired. The disadvantage of this position is that the hand is on the opposite side and different motions may not be effective. If you are an adventurous person, you can be able to get a hold of your prostate.
  • Both Legs Up: While still on your back, you can pull your legs towards your chest depending on how flexible you are, this position will allow more access to the anus. It also in the most natural way opens the butt cheeks allowing more access.
  • Laying on one side, outer leg to chest: This position is not so easy to explain though it is fetal on the outside half of the body. You utilize the arm to get a hold of the anus over your bent leg. This position can be comfortable though the angles are likely to make stimulation a little bit hard.
  • Doggy Style: Similar to the usual sexual position, this style can help you access your prostate. It ensures you are more flexible and your arm is able to reach between the legs to the anus. You could use pillows to ensure you do not exert lots of weight on your legs.
  • Experiment! Keep experimenting in order to get a suitable position for you and make use of it. 

Switch to External

Majority of the people would recommend utilizing an internal massage technique in order to get an orgasm. In case you do not find comfort in inserting stuff into the anus though, you may just be lucky. In as much as external stimulation of the prostate to experience an orgasm is not so popular, there are men who have mastered the art, they can actually experience good feelings without the need of touching the insides of their body.

In case you still find it comfortable inserting something into your anus, an external massage still plays a great role in a massage session. This is a great way to warm up initially for arousal and preparation purposes. You can still make use of this while half your session in case your arm muscles feels tired.  You should not be worried of experimenting and mix things up while trying an external message as you work on getting an orgasm.

Use the Penis Too

Every man knows what an orgasm of the penis feels like. Any touch on the penis, while you are aroused easily, get you started.  As earlier mentioned, being aroused during a given session is important as the prostate size increases ensuring that you are hardly making a huge difference for you.  You could also put on a cock ring. Majority of the men find this enough to help in maintaining an erection, the additional advantage here is the fact that you do not even have to touch the penis during the session.

In case your arousal is decreasing and you are enjoying the process less and less, you can include a little bit of play with your penis to help you get back on track.  You need to be cautious though as a penile orgasm will bring an end to you enjoying your prostate massage session.

 Getting Someone to Help

Your journey to experiencing a prostate orgasm does not need to be a lonely one. Majority of the men prefer making their initial trials on prostate massage to be held in private, however, allowing a different person to be involved in the process can make the process better. This ease the process for you while reaching the prostate without the need to fold, allowing someone to take care of things allows you to optimally relax.  Being in a space where you only need to focus on how you feel instead of physically being involved in the act makes it easier for one to achieve an orgasm.

Talk to the Doc

Majority of the men are able to locate their prostates, for others, it can feel as though they are not touching the right spots. This becomes important especially in an instance where massaging has not produced any pre-cum as you were stimulating yourself.  There is a possibility that the prostate may be in a different position from the normal one, talking to your doctor as well as having a rectal examination may just make things clearer for you.  The best thing is that in case they get to touch the prostate for you, you will be able to identify this the next time you try reaching your prostate.

Stage Three: Reaching Climax

Assuming everything is working out for you, you have found the prostate and have enjoyed stimulating it. You have already gotten to the point where you are experiencing a pre-cum, the only thing is that you are not getting an orgasm. You might be wondering what you should do? 

Sadly, there is no given answer for this particular issue. There are men who experience an orgasm much quickly while other this can take time as well as several trials. You should, however, focus on having fun during this process. This can be annoying, right?

You are lucky as I did my research online and came across vast knowledge of things that might be of help to you.

  • Edging this involves masturbation using the penis until you get to the point where you are almost experiencing an orgasm but then you halt the process. You can try this before you start a massage session, repeat the same as you wish or in instances, you happen to have lost your arousal which would help you get closer to experiencing a prostate orgasm.
  • An intense need to urinate this feeling is likely to force men in slowing down on the process or even stop massaging their prostate. , however, push past the feeling and keep massaging to the very end. In that case, if you ever feel like wetting yourself, note that this will not happen and keep massaging until you experience your orgasm.
  • Utilizing your pelvic floor muscles when the moment is all right can make a huge difference. Your pelvic floor works hand in hand with your prostate while you are experiencing an orgasm which can lead to spasm in the penis as well as the pelvis. in case you are able to clinch on your pelvic floor just before you get to the peak of the message, you are likely to be tipped over the edge.
That was totally epic! I spent a great chunk of time researching and reading experiences from different men and put together all the kinds of tools I could possibly find for you so that you enjoy your path to a prostate orgasm.  That said, everything else is entirely for you to work on. You should make it a habit to frequently massage your prostate, get to learn about what is interesting for you and maybe soon enough you will experience the ultimate orgasm that you can ever experience!

Fiona Petree

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