Staying Safe with Anal Douches

Staying Safe with Anal Douches

Anal douching has become a common thing in recent years.  This has seen people in the gay community, lesbian couples, as well as heterosexual people, engage in this practice, while some have gone to the extent of cleaning their rectum on a daily basis in order to prevent the building up of feces as well as bacteria. In as much as the practice can be safe for the most part, there are dangers associated with frequent douching that one needs to be aware of especially if they are looking forward to practicing it.

Dangers associated with douching can be categorized as incorrect douching as well as excessive douching. Remember, this is not your regular anal silicone plug.


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Incorrect douching

The way you douche is of paramount importance on whether one can actually find it beneficial for their bodies. The use of incorrect methods as well as equipment can easily lead to a lot of risk for you. In as much as a given method can be correct, specific styles of douching can need extra care as compared to others. 



Douches have been designed for insertion into the anus. There is completely nothing wrong with inserting something into our butts, though it is unfortunate that our bodies were not originally meant for such. The anus, unlike the vagina, does not produce any lubrication, it is therefore important to lubricate as much as possible in order to avoid damaging your anus, sphincter as well as the rectum. There are many types of lubes and all of them cater to specific situations or materials of sex toys you are going to use.

Failure to lubricate can lead to one experiencing a lot of pain and this may even not be the biggest of your worries. Pushing anything into the anus without lubrication can lead to abrasions, scratching, tearing as well as punctures. Abrasions, scratching as well as tearing can easily lead to one getting an infection as well as diseases that are transmitted through wounds. On the other hand, punctures can be very serious which may even call for a surgery while impacting your life in the long term. 



The liquid you choose to use while anal douching can impact you positively or negatively your body. In some instances, this can be easy.  It is important that you do not use bleach, alcohol, acid as well as car oil to douche or even any toxic liquids which can lead to poisoning for your butt.  It is not easy to tell which liquids to use. A good example is that frequent douching using tap water can cause an imbalance of electrolyte within your body.

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If something is going into your body, it is important that you ensure it is clean. This is something that one needs to note, though specific materials used in making nozzles are harder to sterilize as compared to others.  It is important that extra caution to ensure that bad bacteria is removed with each use. We highly recommend that you do not give your kit to another person. Each person should own their own kit to reduce the risk of developing infections.


Shower Shots

A few douchenozzles have been designed in a way that they are directly attached to the faucet of a shower which eliminates the need of having a bulb or even a bag. In as much as this may save you time, it greatly increases the risk factor. Household pipes on most occasions do not have consistency in pressure which can make it hard to get the right flow of water. If they do, an unexpected rise in pressure can lead to you filling up faster than expected leading to a risk in rupturing you rectum or even your colon. In case you use this kind of douching, it is important you do things slowly and be more careful.



This is the most obvious danger and if you actually use a shower shot douchenozzle. Majority of the people do not enjoy a cold as well as a room temperature douching liquid.  The recommendation given is to heat up the liquids to body temperatures just before inserting. If you get it wrong, it can be such a bad thing. When its too hot, you are likely to burn your rectum. If its too cold, you are likely to tense making the experience a bit more hard as well as unpleasant. Being a regular at douching might need you to get a thermometer to ensure you always get the right temperatures.


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Excessive Douching

In as much as dangers associated with douching are easy to identify, excessively douching can be a bit difficult. There are no rules on how many times and how much one should douche or even what is too much douching. A fact though is that doing it on a daily basis cannot be any good for you.

The rectum does not have a self-lubricating mechanism though it has a mucus lining.  This lining is great as it offers protection for the body for available bad bacteria found around this area. The rectum also houses a good number of healthy flora and bacteria also found in the digestive system. It is a fact that people drink probiotic yogurts to aid in boosting these good bacteria while ensuring the maintenance of a great level of the same to help in improving the general well being and wellness.

Douching, on the other hand, has a negative effect on these natural processes, as it flushes out these bacteria out and into the toilet. If this is conducted occasionally, it may not have any negative effect. If done on a daily basis, it may be very hard to ever recover these excellent bacteria as well as mucous and it can lead to the gradual weakening of the rectum.


Good douching practice

 Correct douching is an easy task and it does not carry lots of risks. We have compiled a list of the best way to do so, so you do not go wrong about it:

  1. Make sure that the equipment you use is clean and sterile.
  2. Ensure that you lubricate your anus as well as the nozzle.
  3. Always check on the temperatures of the liquid, you should ensure that it is not very hot or too cold.
  4. In the most gentle way, squeeze the liquids into your rectum while avoiding too much pressure.
  5. Keep holding the liquid inside you for the longest time possible while ensuring you are comfortable. If the body needs to let it out, then you should do exactly that.
  6. The liquid may not all exit your body instantly, it is important to therefore important to stay close to a toilet for about half an hour after douching. You should always avoid straining to push the liquid out.
  7. Just after douching, ensure that you clean and sterilize the equipment you use for your next use.
In as much as fecal matter, while having sex is a bad experience, it is of paramount importance that you get to know the risks involved while washing your insides. You should however not put pressure on your body and always look out for signs and signals. In case you are worried about anything, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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