Guide to Using Enemas Safely

Guide to Using Enemas Safely

While planning to insert things into the anus one major concern for a majority of the people is hygiene. There are people who prefer to make use of their bathrooms just before they engage in anal activities and would wash while others take this a notch higher. Here is exactly where one needs an enema. There are people who totally believe in this. Even though not frequently being used in the anal activity, it is believed that there are diverse advantages to using them on a regular basis.  In case you plan on using one, we believe that you need to be in the loop on a couple of things first. 

What is an enema?

Unlike other sex toys, this is a device that is made up of a tube and a bag too. They are also on most occasions referred to as anal douches, though douches are usually small bulb-shaped pumps used to clean the rectum just a bit.  Enemas, on the other hand, go deeper than this. The tube, which might be shaped similar to anal beads in some cases, goes into the anus and the bag is filled with an enema solution which is a mixture of different liquids. With gravity working in your odds, you need to squeeze the tube to get the solution into your rectum.  If you use a lot of liquid, this will go further into the body and sometimes it can reach up to the upper intestines as well as the colon.  You need to be aware of a couple of techniques as the colon is long and frames your torso in right angles which can make it hard to get any liquid around the different corners.  Immediately you fill up yourself using this solution, you have to allow it to come out with every bacteria as well as fecal matter.

Benefits of using an enema

Like I said before, there those people who use enemas regardless of whether they are undertaking a particular anal activity, you may wonder why. Enemas can work amazingly well for your health.  They are great at relieving constipation for those who suffer from these on a regular basis. They also help in washing all the bad bacteria from the colon. That said, it is easy to tell why these bags of liquid are largely used and their following is cult-like.

It is obvious that in instances where you want to insert your favorite plug, you will the benefits you experience will be clear. Have you ever been in a position where you needed to wash a little or more fecal matter from your plug once you were done with your anal activity? This is simply because the rectum is usually a holding area for fecal matter waiting to be discharged from the body.  While emptying your bowels in your bathroom, a majority of the fecal matter exits the body though there is a likelihood that small pieces can be stuck here. Making use of an enema ensures that all the small pieces leave the body too. 

There is one more benefit that is not frequently talked about that enemas provide, but enemas usually prepare the body for what to expect ahead. In case you have had a chance to pour the liquid into a water balloon, you must have seen the manner in which water fills up the whole container regardless of the shape. This works in a similar way with the rectum, the water gets into the rectum fills it up and reaches up to the gaps as well as cracks. Just as with the water balloon, the more water that goes in, this stretches the rectum. This feels the same way it feels using a smaller plug just before one starts using a bigger one, the enemy can work in giving you a great anal warm up before you can begin a given session. 

How to use an enema

In as much as it sounds a little bit easy to insert a tube into the anus while squeezing water in, there is a technique that is involved in all this and this may not be that obvious initially. The major goal during an enema session is to get a peristalsis an involuntary spasm of muscles aligned in the colon.  This allows fluids to move in wave-like motions towards the rectum. By squeezing the bag, water is forced in allowing one to reach the needed capacity sooner than normal. This is as a direct reaction of the rectum when water gets in faster. When this is done rapidly, you get to experience peristalsis though this will only happen in the rectal muscles. An additional solution from this point pushes against the body while trying to push the mixture out.  The goal here is to have water moving slowly and gradually increasing pressure in the rectum as well as the colon.

You can achieve this by raising the enema bag to a higher position in comparison to the anus, from here, gravity acts in your favor. Immediately the first movement of the water happens, gravity aids you in getting the rest into the rectum until the whole bag is empty. Majority of the enema kits are inclusive of hooks designed for use in this particular way which allows you to set up the bag exactly where you need to use it, from here, ensure that you are comfortable and make preparations before you insert the tube.  They are mostly availed with taps or valves that one can use to control how the water flows into the rectum. This experience can be customized to suit personal tastes and references.

Being comfortable is very essential in the process of having an enema. In case you have previously frequently used butt plugs, you will have an edge since you are used to having something in the rectum for a longer period of time.  That said, this process is different from any experience you might have had and relaxing is paramount.  In case you are not relaxed, there is a big possibility of tensing the anus as well lower intestines is high. Tensed muscles for the butt means it will close up and this makes it hard for the solution to end up in the right places.

Majority of the people usually lie down while taking their enemas. It is important that you find a suitable position while lying down. The place you choose to do this can make the biggest difference also.  There are people who choose the comfort of their living rooms to have this as they get natural light into the room during the process. The moment the water gets going, there is usually no telling the direction this goes.  In that case, have towels close to you to avoid messing up places you don’t want to.  In case this kind of mess has you worried, you may need to consider using the bathroom.



The moment you find your comfortable position, you can now insert your tube to the anus. You should consider using lube in case you find it hard to insert this. The moment the tube gets in, open up the valve/tap and allow the liquid to flow.  

In case you experience a prolonged pain for close to a minute, it is important that you halt the process and empty the liquids.  In case you need to continue, you should wait for the pain to go down and start again. If you continue while still experiencing pain, you are likely to damage your internal most sensitive muscles.

The most important thing about cleansing using an enema is taking it slow and taking time to do this, add little amounts of the solution steadily. It is easy to experience cramps during the process, in that case, take some time before you can add some more solution. If you get to a point where the cramps are too much, stop the whole process and empty the bowels.

Making sure the solution gets where it needs to be...

Your colon forms a type of frame around the torso while extending to a different direction. Ensuring that the solution gets to the innermost parts of the colon can be very hard. There are people who opt to change the position during the process to aid the solution to getting into the body. Immediately the liquid gets into the colon, it then needs to move from the left-hand side to the right-hand side of the body.  You should try lying on your right-hand side from here to allow the liquid to flow to the exact place you need it.  You should also massage your stomach the stomach to help in easing the process. You should do this as if you were massaging a bloated stomach but in the opposite direction.

Enema solutions

There are a variety of enema solutions available in the market that one can use to cleanse the colon.  Whatever your choice is, is dependent on your end goal.  If it is basic functionality for a normal cleanse, a water enema will work out fine. Check on the temperatures of the water, ensure this is at about 98-105F.  Cold water can lead to additional contractions making this process challenging. Hot water can burn the colon as well as the rectum.

That can make you think of doing things right and especially if it takes a lot to go through the whole process.  This can potentially take you down the road of all the available enema solutions. One kind of an enema is the coffee enema. It may sound surprising but that is just how it is. Some people boil their coffee beans, allow the solution to cool and with their enema bags, put this into the colon. The most important chemicals involved here are caffeine as well as palmitic acid.  The said chemicals are meant to get to the liver, help in bile production which is then used to cleanse the colon. In case this is something that you might consider, you should check out for the available blends and get one that contains the highest amounts of caffeine as well as palmitic acid.  

In a case where coffee is not the first choice for you, consider the following available alternatives:

  • Acidophilus enemas. These utilize probiotic yogurt in the solution allowing good bacteria to get into the colon.
  • Epsom salt enemas. These are utilized in relaxing muscles and can be administered in an oral manner to help in relaxing your bowels as well as getting things moving. Utilizing this in an enema aids the colon in drawing more water while cleansing the colon fully.
  • Lemon juice enemas. These can be very effective in comparison to other types of enemas in cleansing the colon, though because of how this juice is, it can be challenging to hold this in the colon.
  • Milk and molasses enemas. They produce lots of gas in the colon as they have lots of sugars. This gas then moves things, the mixture then causes peristalsis. They can create a big mess and having towels will come in hand.
  • Salt and soda enemas. The stomach is acidic and utilizing this type of enema will neutralize the acid in the stomach which helps bring back the pH balance in the stomach.
  • Saltwater enemas. Salt usually works in stimulating the colon in drawing water in while moving the compact feces.

The above enemas are provided in just above the body temperature just as with a plain typical water enema.

Will enemas damage my health?

 We have been discussing the bright side of an enemy, though it is of paramount importance to be in the know that it is not all rosy. The bad side of an enema can lead to extreme damage to different parts of the body especially when used in the wrong manner, in that case, if you would like to use this on a regular basis before working with butt plugs you should be in the know of any risks involved.

You should always be cautious while performing an enema and do not overdo this, you will have avoided any negative effect from a colon cleansing.  You need to pay a lot of attention to all the contents found in a premade enema solution. Senna is one particular ingredient that you need to look out for. This particular herb causes diarrhea as well as dehydration. Continuous liquid bowel movement will lead to the loss of more water which leads to the body being dehydrated.  In the long term, this can lead to extreme health issues such as kidney as well as heart failure.

Of paramount importance to remember is the pressure amount that you should put on the colon at a particular time. In case you attached the colon kit onto a tap in a direct manner would perforate the colon due to the amount of pressure inserted.  If this ever happened, surgery is the only option and there is a likelihood of getting a colostomy bag for your entire life. In case you need lots of pressure?

How much is just enough?

It is not easy to come up with an exact measurement, though it is recommended to put hang the enema bag at a higher point, this helps with increasing pressure. That said, hang the bag about 2-3 feet from the ground. The best height is having the liquid flow down the tube in so this can get into the rectum steadily. Dependent on how thick the enema solution is, you may need to raise or lower your bag in order for the correct amount of the flow to be achieved.

There are some dangers that are associated with the kind of solution used. That said, if not overdone, you are okay.  In case you use this on a regular basis there are likely to be negative effects.  A great example is regular use of enemas made from coffee; there is a likelihood for damages on the liver because of toxic chemicals contained in the coffee grains. This can also draw out iron from the body leading to deficiency.  Overusing Epsom salt enemas can lead to hypermagnesemia because of the higher levels of magnesium contained in salt. As for soda based enemas, overdoing them can lead to an imbalance in the pH of the body leading an excess of alkaline in the colon. The solution you choose to use should be well researched in order for you to know the potential risks for your own body.

Should I use an enema before my butt plugs?

 There is so much to take in as far as enemas are concerned.  That said, they play a big role in the thorough cleansing of your colon.  I may not recommend that you get one each time you organize to work with butt plugs, that said, you can use enemas once in a while to help in clearing fecal matter. On a personal level, I would be avoiding alternative options available for the enema solution. Traditional enema has been here for centuries and is great for different types of medications in instances where oral administration does not meet the cut. This type of an enema does not have lots of side effects in comparison to other options that have shown to have disadvantages. Word of advice, you should know exactly what you put into the butt just as with butt plugs.  In case you have doubts about this, better safe than sorry, be cautious and if you can, totally avoid this.

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