Rope Bunnies: Everything You Need To Know

Rope Bunnies: Everything You Need To Know

While the term “Rope Bunny” sounds quite cute, it’s anything but when it comes to kink play. In the world of bondage, Rope Bunnies are common and are usually in a submissive role.

To find out more about Rope Bunnies and what they are, we’ve created this guide to help you understand everything you need to know and maybe even awaken a new kink!

What Is A Rope Bunny?

In simple terms, a Rope Bunny is a man or woman who enjoys being tied up.

Many assume that this is a feminine role, however plenty of men are Rope Bunnies too, albeit more rarely.

Rope Bunnies are seen a lot in the fetish community, for both the sexual thrill of being tied up and the excitement of being bound.

It is often a submissive fetish, with the thrill stemming from their partner tying them up so that they cannot move and must submit to them.

How To Become A Rope Bunny

If you’re interested in being a Rope Bunny and practicing this fetish, there are a few ways that you can get started:

  • Discuss it with your dominant partner. Communication is always key when it comes to relationships, both emotionally and sexually.
  • Simply ask them if they’re interested in becoming your Rigger (the dominant counterpart who does the tying up). They might even surprise with their bondage skills!
  • Participate in a local Shibari meet. You might be fortunate enough to have a rope bondage meet close by if you reside in a major city.
  • These welcoming organizations meet frequently, and some even offer sessions. They're a terrific place to meet new people and find a Rigger.
  • Watch tutorials online. YouTube is packed with videos showing how to perform the fundamentals of rope bondage. Watch these tutorials, then have your partner practice tying ties on you.
  • Try tying yourself up! This is a great way to find out what ties you enjoy and whether or not you like the sensation of being restrained.

Why Do People Become Rope Bunnies?

There are many reasons why submissives become Rope Bunnies and they can vary from person to person.

These are the most common reasons why someone decides to become a Rope Bunny.

Rope Bunnies

Kink Play

Some Rope Bunnies relish the thrill of having sex while restrained.

Being restricted and allowing their partner to take advantage of them is enticing and a major turn on.


It should come as no surprise that some submissives in dom/sub relationships take pleasure in being restrained as a way of demonstrating their submissiveness to their dom.

You don't have to be a sub to appreciate being bound, either! Both parties may assume "top" and "bottom" roles, making it a versatile role.


Rope bondage, also known as Shibari, may be stunningly artistic when done properly.

Instead of being sexual, some Rope Bunnies may just like the way it feels and how it enhances their bodies' features.


Some individuals with anxious or overactive brains find that the act of being bound by a rope helps them focus.

It is immensely soothing for them to go into a calm state when their brain isn't working overtime.

Rope Bunny Safety

The risk of rope bondage is inherent. After all, it does have a history of being used to secure jails and as a form of torture.

Because of this, it is crucial that you take the proper safety measures in order to protect yourself whenever you engage in this type of bondage:

  • You should not tie a submissive up in a way that if they fell could cause serious injury.
  • You should not bind around too tightly as this can restrict blood flow.
  • You should not bind around any nerves.
  • You should have EMT shears close by to cut the rope should the Rope Bunny feel uncomfortable, in pain, or panicked.
  • You should always agree on verbal and non-verbal “safe words” to let each other know when anything is too much or if one of you is in trouble.

In Conclusion

Rope Bunnies are those who enjoy being tied up to gain sexual or non-sexual pleasure, or sometimes both!

It’s a widely practiced fetish, and there are even communities that practice rope bondage together.

It’s one of the easiest kinks to get into; all you need is some rope! It’s that simple!

With this guide, you’ll have all the knowledge you need about rope bunnies, how to practice rope bondage safely, and how to become a Rope Bunny yourself.

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