Making a Scene: Roleplay Fetishes and You

Making a Scene: Roleplay Fetishes and You

Roleplay has always been one of the best ways of spicing things up for you and your partner and bringing dynamism to your bedroom matters. You are in control and can work with something that comes to mind and keep trying it as long as you find comfort in doing so. Some people can engage in a given style while role-playing, try out animal tail plugs, or using a new silicone butt plug, and grow to love this, with that, they may, therefore, choose to engage in this often.

This is the beginning of it being a fetish. This word, however, has had a bad reputation with people associating it with items such as latex, leather, bondage etc. Though it is something people enjoy in a sexual way. And if you find enjoyment in this, why would you be concerned about what other people think about plugging fancy jeweled things in?


Traditional roleplay fetishes

Most of these situations have been known to be more inclined to taming and are some of the best ways to get started with role-playing. If you find fun in the below scenarios, you could always go a notch higher and bring into the role play some more objects and techniques. The most commonly used fetishes are inclusive of:

  • Doctor or nurse/patient
  • Criminal/policeman or prison guard
  • Meeting strangers
  • Handymen or handywomen
  • Secretary/businessman
  • Stripper/client
  • Teacher/student
  • Pirate/captive or wench.
  • Photographer/model
  • Specific clothing (usually uniforms)
  • Celebrity or role-model roleplay

This list can be endless. Just to mention different scenarios that involve two or more than two people putting on outfits that either finds attractive can grow from just a sexual fantasy to a fetish. Become and feel like a princess or a slave with a collar matching your dog tail plugs.  You are allowed to have as much fun as possible playing out such scenarios, you should, however, ensure that this is healthy for you and it does not grow into an obsession for you.

The most basic thing in role-playing is the selection of a theme that best suits you. After this is done, it is for you to decide what to do, what not to, and they kinds of sex toys that are going to be involved.

This can be as easy and simple as playing pretense in the bedroom or even more complicated scenarios such as making a reservation in a hotel that you have always wished to go to; as well as bringing your outfits with you and pretending that you just met.


Unusual roleplay fetishes

These are listed as unusual for the simple reason that people do not talk about them as often as they should. We cannot say that it is wrong to engage in sexual acts as long as they meet the threshold of safety and both parties consent to the same. Unusual role-play fetishes are in all sense more complicated and mostly involve more toys and BDSM aspects. Such scenarios are inclusive of:

  • Slave/Master
  • Captive/Torturer
  • Animal/Owner or handler
  • Gender reversal
  • Ageplay
  • Inanimate object roleplay, this includes a scenario where one person pretends to be something like furniture, a sex doll etc.

Before you can actually engage in what we would term as hardcore aspects of role-playing, it is very important that you do hold open discussions with your partner about it and agree on every aspect. This could be inclusive of contracts that are written down and signed by both parties, areas that are a no-go zone, and even having a safe word for use. Trust is extremely paramount between the partners engaging in role-playing and once the safe word is uttered, it is important that it be observed and the person should stop instantly. Lack of trust is a big aspect of the failure of role-playing


When does a fetish become too much?

Fetishes have been found to be a great and healthy way for the mind to explore. It has been shown that when people engage in those desires they so much suppress it can help them in maintaining a great and healthy balance in different aspects of their lives. It is important to take caution though.

Engaging in roleplay fetishes too often can lead to sometimes not knowing where to draw the difference between what is real in real life and what is just role play. If in any instance you end up feeling like things are getting out of hand, it is important to talk to someone else about it. You can contact a doctor who could recommend you to the right professionals to help you out with your situation.

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