Horsing Around: A Quick Look at Pony Play

Horsing Around: A Quick Look at Pony Play

Pony play is a common type of animal roleplay that is associated with horses. It is generally an intriguing type of animal roleplay because horses are animals that are quite delicate and require much attention. In pony plays, the idea is to engage in mannerisms portrayed by a pony. In this type of ponyplay, there is the ‘rider’ who is dominant while the ‘pony’ is the submissive.


Traits of Pony Play

Roleplay involving horses is very divergent mainly because horses are big animals and are therefore housed in a stable. They have special personnel who take care of them in terms of feeding and other basic requirements and their riders do not interact with them daily. A horse’s appearance is very crucial to its survival with much attention paid to the tresses and tail. Horses are also required to work out to remain strong and fit and this may range from racing around the tracks or preparing for racing competitions. They are obviously famous for how huge their penis are. You can literally see hundreds of horse dildos designed to look like it anywhere.

Participants of ponyplay decide what direction of the game they would want to take. One participant may decide to take the role of the pony while the partner takes the role of the rider. They can decide to form an equivalent of a small stable in their house so as to allow themselves to indulge in the roleplay of a horse but in a more secure and snug environment. On the other hand, some will choose to spend most of their time in a real stable and indulge a horse’s life.

Ponyplay should be pre-arranged in order for one to know how far they can go. While one may choose to go all the way into the complexities of the game, it is necessary to take caution. The health of a person should be put first and therefore indulging in highly sexual activities in public might be dangerous. In some other variations of pony play, the dominant rides the submissive (the pony) and it might be dangerous as the pony bears all the weight of the rider. Aside from huge dildos, the one playing the role as a horse can also wear this horse tail plug for a more immersive experience.



Pony Play Accessories

There are a lot of accessories that can be used for roleplay. Perfect gear can be attained by selecting what is suitable for roleplaying which include:

  • Saddles and Tack: A lot of riding is common during ponyplay and therefore a participant will assume riding and all the weight is balanced off on their legs. They also have tailored saddles, binds and other gears that are suitable and comfortable for a human being.
  • Blinkers: They are used to block the vision of the pony and only allow him to focus and concentrate on the rider's commands. Other blinkers make it hard for the pony to breathe comfortably or even use their other senses thus making the experience even more pleasant.
  • Combs and Brushes: Grooming is an important aspect when it comes to taking care of horses. It is especially important to take care of the horse’s hair because it is a major part of their bodies. Combs and brushes are essential for maintaining the hair.
  • Tail ButtPlugs: butt plugs are usually inserted in the anus in order to give tail-like movements. It usually gives the impression that the participant acting like a pony has a real tail. Tail ass plugs could also be electrical. However, poorly positioned butt plugs could fall off during movement and it is therefore important for the participants to ensure it is securely inserted.
  • Saddlebags: Saddlebags can be designed to fit a human, just as they are used to transport things by the owner of the horse.

Equipment for ponyplay can be adapted with ideas borrowed from real horses in order to make the experience much more fun. Pieces of equipment that horses can use may also be suitable for human beings. It is, however, necessary to ensure that the gear is safe and does not put one at risk. Equipment that is inserted in body parts should be highly assessed so as so not to injure the participants. It is always wise to ask around for equipment that is safe to use during ponyplay.


Pony play events

Roleplay events are a common phenomenon in the modern world. They include ponyplay and other types of pet plays. Pony plays are usually designed as shows where participants meet with others and take turns playing the game. Some ponies enjoy being taken care of while others enjoy dressing up and being flogged around. In other situations, a pony enjoys riding while another enjoys pulling carts. Pony play events can also take the form of competitions such as gallops and trots. Notably, a lot of those who participate in pony plays are horse trainers.

They are intrigued by the idea of controlling a human being just like a pony and thus take their imagination from the stables and into an environment suitable for human beings. In some other events, the participants use real horses, parading them in race tracks and controlling them around. These horses are cheered on as they participate in a competition with other horses and may even receive tokens if they win the given task.

Participants of pony plays are very common around the world because the roleplay involving horses is both fascinating and enjoyable. Like other forms of animal role play, pony play is erotic depending on mood and interests at the time of the game. Arousal may come from just a simple noise like the whining of a horse. While animal role play may be found in submissive/dominant relationships, not all such relationships within the submissive/dominant realm are role plays.

Animal role play especially the non-sexual type, may be used in physical education as a way of exercising and strengthening muscles. In some other pony play activities, the existence of both pain and pleasure makes the experience more enjoyable. Pony plays also enable the participants to come out of their cocoon of shyness and are able to express themselves better dressed as animals in the presence of other pony play participants.

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