Petplay Equipment Guide

Petplay Equipment Guide

Petplay can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. It can actually be as simple as using your body and imagination to get your desired results and a more fulfilling sexual experience for you and your partner.

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If you are looking into taking things a notch higher, there are available toys and diverse devices that you can make use of to ensure your pet looks more original and real. Consider getting a shower enema to keep your butt clean before engaging in anal sex. 

  • Butt Plugs: This happens to be the most universal petplay accessories, these types of cat plugs give an indication of the partner who plays the role of the animal in the relationship. The market presents a lot and diverse butt plugs which makes it easy for you to select what suits you and a style you have always imagined of an animal.
  • Gags: Pets put this on and they can be used to stimulate different aspects of the life of the pet. A great example is with dogs wearing mouth covers to prevent them from biting, horses, on the other hand, do the same but as a riding equipment.
  • Paws or Bondage Boots: There is specific footwear for different types of pets. Some assume the look of paws and even claws as with cats and dogs. Some can imitate footwear to present a hurdle for pets leading them to walk as humans do. Complete the look with your own wolf or raccoon tail plugs.
  • Collars: This is a major with the BDSM community, who are known to wear this widely, this still has a big role when you think about petplay. The one constant thing though is that their functionality is the same as it serves to show that the dominant owns their pet. These type of collars are available with other pieces too and this is inclusive of things such as bells and harnessing attachments
  • Yokes: As an owner, having multiple pets may need you to attach them together to help in particular parts of role play. Yokes are made of wooden beams that are used in attaching a pair of animals together so that they can pull on something together.
  • Masks: These can be very simple coverings for the face as well as more advanced designs. The first one helps in role-playing psychologically and it works to differentiate things for the pet from their own human reality. The more advanced designs, help in imitating animal features and this works to benefit the owner of the pet as well as the pet. You can pair the mask with any tail plug for a more immersive experience.w
  • Humblers: This is a device built to simply attach to the ankle of the person wearing it. It also comes with a hole that holds the scrotum and this is centrally positioned. Just in case the person wearing it tries to stand up, the scrotum stretches in a painful way. This works best for those who petplay as animals who are all fours. 
  • Shock Collars: This is a bit extreme as compared to the standard collars, this type of collars are mostly employed in training elements of petplay and mostly used with dogs and it is paramount that when you are purchasing you ensure the pieces are of high quality. You should also ensure that safety is maintained at all times while using these types of collars and cleanliness is maintained at high standards to ensure you do not get any type of infection. You should also be in the know of dangers and even risks that may be associated with this, if you do not use the shock collars properly, this can be a bad experience as well as cause harm to your pet. 

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