Men And Plugs

Men And Plugs

A hot new trend: Men and plugs

As the world changes, people become more open to talking about things that would previously have been kept secret, making it easier for us all to talk about our lives openly and honestly. One of the things that people have recently started to be a little more open about is the amazing pleasure that men can receive from using a butt plug!

In heterosexual circles, though, men’s sexual pleasure is still not particularly openly discussed, especially when that pleasure involves anal play. It is well known that gay men often enjoy using sex toys, but even though straight men get just as much pleasure out of these, they don’t tend to talk about it as openly and acceptingly.

A lot of this is due to a fear of being seen as gay for enjoying anal penetration as if that's a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. That fear is ridiculous, but it can be quite challenging to escape from, so let's take a look at it in a bit more detail.

Sexuality and butt plugs

One of the biggest questions about butt plugs on the minds of many straight men is "does using a butt plug make you gay?". The answer to this one is easy, and it's "no." Using any sort of sex toy says nothing at all about your sexual orientation, as sexual orientation and sexual preferences are completely separate things.
Some gay men don’t like anal sex or penetration. Does that make them straight?

No, it just makes them gay men who don’t enjoy anal plug penetration. So why would it be any different the other way round?

A straight man who enjoys anal penetration isn’t gay. He’s just a straight man who enjoys anal penetration, and that's fine. While it's entirely fine for sexuality to be fluid and to change over time, that's a wholly separate thing to your sexual preferences and has nothing to do with whether or not you enjoy sex toys and butt stuff.

Social acceptability

The big problem here is that society is often not as accepting as it should be. If you have ever heard the term "toxic masculinity," that's what we are dealing with here. This is the idea that there are only certain things that are acceptable for men, and that anything that's not aggressive, dominant, or powerful is inappropriate for men to do.

That means that men who talk openly about their desire to wear butt plugs are putting themselves in a vulnerable position where society can judge them for their preferences. Voicing desires that aren’t generally seen as masculine by society can be intimidating and difficult, and anyone who can bring themselves to do so is actually showing an impressive level of strength and bravery and should be admired for that.

Maybe there is still a bit of social stigma around butt plugs and anal play. Perhaps society hasn't quite caught up to sexual liberation yet. But we're heading in the right direction, and butt plugs are slowly but surely beating the stigma and becoming more acceptable and appreciated!

Anal play and its advantages

Anal play is fun and exciting and there's nothing wrong with it or shameful about it. The only reason that it is not more popular and more commonly discussed is that many men still view it as "gay sex," which is reductive and wrong.

As we’ve mentioned before, your sexual preferences have nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Anal play has lots of advantages for straight men, ranging from incredible orgasms and heightened pleasure and sensitivity to just a bit more flexibility and a sense of adventure during sexual activities.

There are many advantages and many reasons you might want to consider having a go at some butt stuff, even if you identify as 100% straight, and we’ll go over some of those below. If you’re curious about this, then, there’s no reason to worry. It doesn’t say anything about your sexuality at all, and it’s entirely normal to be a bit curious and interested in experimenting.

Submission and sexual pleasure

There’s nothing gendered about butt plugs. Men can use them, as can women, and any gender can get a high level of pleasure out of them. No matter what your gender identity may be, you can get something out of butt plugs and there’s no reason to feel ashamed about enjoying anal penetration.

As long as you're using them properly, butt plugs can make a massive difference to the quality of your sexual experiences. That covers both intercourse and masturbation for men! We'll go into that in more detail later, though.

Many men have difficulty accepting a more submissive role in sexual intercourse. There's a tremendous amount of value in accepting sexual pleasure that's actively given by someone else, rather than taken from them. Taking a more passive role can feel amazing, and it’s worth the effort to get over your hang-ups about dominance and passivity.

The society we live in is patriarchal and choked up with centuries of toxic and problematic assumptions about how men should behave. That means that men are largely programmed to think that they should always be dominant during sex, and sometimes even aggressive in taking sexual pleasure, and that’s an incredibly restrictive way to view the world, locking off huge parts of sexual pleasure.

There is also a common social assumption that penetration is for women only, which is another reason that straight men often try to avoid it. Again, this belief is entirely false, and all it does is lock off a level of pleasure from men, making sex less fun.

The prostate and the joy of experimentation

Anyone who has ever experienced a prostate orgasm will be able to tell you just how great they are. There is no question that an anal orgasm is always going to be bigger and better than a regular orgasm, and will take you to a whole new level of pleasure for a better time.

That's because regular sexual intercourse only stimulates your genitals, and has no way to achieve what a butt plug can: prostate stimulation. The prostate gland is located a few inches inside your butt, at the front, just behind your penis. It's easy to find when you're aroused because it swells up. Prostate orgasms are bigger, longer, and better than regular orgasms, and they're surprisingly easy to achieve.

If you’ve ever stuck a finger up there and poked around during masturbation, just to see how it feels, you’ve probably encountered your prostate. It’s a small gland, and you can feel it when you curl a finger forwards. You’ll know you’ve found it because it feels great!

Fingering yourself or having a partner finger you during sex can feel great, but it’s kind of inconvenient and takes up a hand. Butt plugs free up your hands for greater mobility, letting you do so much more!

The benefits of butt plugs

The most significant and most obvious benefit of a butt plug is, as we've mentioned before that it can give you bigger and better orgasms. A regular orgasm feels great, but a prostate orgasm can be so, so much better. There are so many nerve endings in your prostate that properly stimulating them to climax will blow your mind.

Butt plugs also offer you an excellent opportunity to get to know your body a little better. Exploring yourself and finding out what feels good and what turns you on can give you great long-term benefits for your sexual confidence and a general understanding of yourself.

They are also important for understanding your partner’s sexual experience a bit better. Vaginal intercourse isn’t as simple as just sticking your penis in and thrusting a bit, and that can be quite hard for many men to grasp properly.

Trying sex with a butt plug lets, you experience a little bit of what your partner deals with every time you have sex, with things like the importance of proper lubrication and a slow, steady rhythm. Even more importantly, it can help you to understand just how important it is to take things slowly and go at the pace and intensity that your partner prefers.

Another thing to consider is the value of perspective. Many guys are keen on encouraging their partners to try anal but aren't so sure about receiving it themselves. There's a lot of mutual trust involved in something like that and trying out a butt plug with your partner is a great way to get a bit of perspective on their experience and helps you to think about others as well as just yourself.

Other uses for butt plugs

Many people are under the impression that butt plugs are only useful as foreplay before getting down to anal intercourse. That’s not entirely correct. Sure, butt plugs are definitely useful as foreplay, as they prepare the user for more penetration with larger objects, but that’s not all they’re good for.

Masturbating with a butt plug can be an incredible experience. It allows prostate stimulation while you masturbate, and even prostate massage if you know what you're doing. You might have heard of prostate massage under the identity of the sexual practice known commonly as "milking."

There are two great benefits of "milking," or prostate massage: sexual pleasure, and an unexpected medical benefit, particularly for older men. Providing extended stimulation to the prostate, otherwise known as milking it, can increase semen production as well as being very beneficial for prostate health.

Milking isn't the simplest of techniques, though, so if you're new to this, then it's probably best to start with just a little bit of anal stimulation and get used to what feels good for you before you move on to more advanced milking techniques. Start slow and gentle, and either on your own or with a very attentive and careful partner and get used to the new sensations before you start trying anything more complicated and advanced.

Butt plug safety

You can’t just stick a butt plug up there and hope for the best. Using a butt plug takes some preparation, as does anything involving sensitive parts of your body. Before you start using a butt plug, you’re going to need to prepare yourself properly.

To start with, you're going to need to lubricate the area properly and gently stretch out your anal canal in order to ease the plug into it. Doing this will make a massive difference to your comfort, and forgetting to prepare and lube up properly can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

Lubricate your fingers and your anus, as well as the area around it, and gently insert one finger. Once you’re comfortable and used to doing that, then you can begin to slowly start thrusting the finger in and out, taking care to stop as soon as you feel any discomfort. After that, you can add a second finger and repeat the process, starting to thrust it in and out once you’re used to the stretching and sensation. Once you think you’re loose enough, slowly insert a lubricated butt plug.

Proper lubrication is essential, as a dry butt plug that you haven’t lubed up in advance will be painful, and could even lead to tearing. You really, really don’t want any tearing!

You'll probably feel a little bit of discomfort, to begin with, but soon that'll give way to pleasure once you're used to the sensation. A great way to speed that up is to massage your perineum (the space between your anus and balls) slowly and gently. This will adjust the butt plug and push it towards your prostate to maximize pleasure. Combining this with standard masturbation practices, like penile stimulation, will make for a memorable first butt plug masturbation experience! You might find that it's over unexpectedly fast, but that's fine!

Better orgasms with butt plugs!

Prostate stimulation with a finger or a butt plug can lead to what is often known as "super orgasms." This is because it can significantly enhance your sexual pleasure. Despite what you may think, the location of the prostate means that anal penetration is one of the best things a man can do for his sexual pleasure. It might not do much for reproduction, but if what you're looking for is just pleasure, then there's nothing better at all!

There is an incredible number of nerve endings in your prostate, making it very sensitive to stimulation. As well as that, proper prostate stimulation makes your pelvic floor muscles contract, which can boost your orgasms even further!
The best butt plugs

The sex toy industry is a big one and growing bigger and better all the time. That means that there are so many different butt plugs for men available that you should be able to find something to fit your needs, no matter what you’re into.
If you're new to butt plugs, you can start with something small, or you can go for something a bit bigger and wilder like a high-end curved prostate massager.

No matter what sort of butt plug you choose, though, make sure that it’s got a flared base. That’s a very important safety consideration, as it will ensure that your butt plug does not slip in too far and get lost inside.

Beginner butt plugs

If you're new to the world of butt plugs and you're not used to any sort of anal play, then you should start small. Pick a smaller silicone butt plug with a tapered tip to begin with. The narrower tip means that it'll go in easily, reducing discomfort and giving a better beginner experience.

Silicone butt plugs are also good because they are easy to clean. Nobody wants to think about cleaning sex toys, but it's a very important part of maintaining proper sexual health. Silicon makes that step far easier, saving a great deal of time and effort.

Advanced butt plugs

If you’ve got a bit more experience with butt plugs, then you don’t need to worry so much about smaller sizes. At this point, it might be a good time to experiment slightly. Many more experienced men prefer butt plugs with more interesting design features, like curved butt plugs for prostate stimulation or ribbed butt plugs for more sensation when thrusting. It’s all a matter of preference, and you should just pick whichever model seems most appealing to you.

Butt plugs for couples

If you’re looking to try anal play with your partner, then why not go kinky and try a vibrating butt plug with remote control? That allows you to wear the butt plug and for your partner to surprise you with remote controlled vibrations whenever they feel like it, adding to the anticipation and excitement of the butt plug experience!


Butt plugs are great fun, but they're not for everyone. If you have a go and just don't enjoy the experience, then that's fine! It's perfectly reasonable to not be into anal play at all. Sexual pleasure is a wonderful thing, but only when you're entirely comfortable with everything you're doing.

If you’re keen to have a go, though, then anal play with butt plugs can bring so many benefits. Whether that’s broadening your sexual horizons, helping you to understand your body and your partner better, or just bringing you to the best orgasms you’ve ever had in your life, there’s always something fun and exciting that you can get from a butt plug.

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