Making a Sex Toy at Home

Making a Sex Toy at Home

If you are fantasizing how you could get that massive orgasm using a dildo that you don’t have, then the thought of grabbing something out of your kitchen may be appealing. If you keenly look around your house you will find many different objects with perfect shapes to fulfill your immediate needs.

They are possibly not the best option because the objects around your house may not have the perfect shape and neither are they made of the right material. Some of them are probably safe and others are not. So if you’re indeed horny and want to grab the nearest dildo lookalike, what would that be?


These have a perfect shape and can be used for stimulation in the anus or vagina. You need to be cautious with candles because they are made of wax which can easily break while you are in action.

Fruit and Vegetables 

These can be excellent toys as long as they are not too ripe or else they will break easily while inside your body. Bananas for example nearly resemble a penis and can be easy to use as long as they are not too ripe. Though they are easy to acquire, it is still safer to just get a proper dildo or vibrator you know will not break in half inside of you.


This is in all probability the only item that carries the lowest risk. If the water used to make the ice is clean then there is no risk of infection. In case the ice cubes get stuck inside they will simply melt into water. In a situation where you are in no hurry, you can get creative and freeze the water in a mold to form a simple freezing dildo. Just ensure you prepare some towels so that everything doesn’t get wet.


tampon white with string on white table



Some folks use these because they have the perfect shape and besides, they are meant for the vagina. You may have to be careful in case the tampon has soaked up bacteria, it may not be that safe.

Back massagers 

These can be used to massage your sensitive areas but care needs to be taken because of any moving parts. 

The wooden spoon

The spoon’s handle can be used to insert into the vagina or if you are into kinky sex the spoon can be used for spanking.

Feather duster 

This can be used for stroking the erotic regions or in a fun way for teasing.

Scarves or wraps

These are a very fine substitute for handcuffs for that kinky session.

Ping pong paddles

These are a good replacement for whips.


electric toothbrush shadow white background



It is not a very good idea to use the same toothbrush for your mouth and private parts. This may lead to unintended infections. Some toothbrushes are equipped with vibrators and can create exciting experiences. Dildo vibrators are among the most popular and well-known toys in the market

All the objects listed above may not be safe for your privates. But if you opt for any of them, extreme care needs to be prioritized. Objects that break loose in your vagina may be retrieved but those that get lodged in your anal canal my bring complications if they find their way into the colon. This may require a medical procedure to remove them.

Self-made/DIY Sex Toys

The objects we have seen above can be grabbed in the heat of the moment and used to satisfy your urgent needs. If you have time on your hands then it makes sense to embark on a small project to make your own little toys. For the homemade sex toys, it is possible to customize everything to fit your size. You are able to choose your favorite design and produce something for the long term. Some of the creative ideas are listed below.

The Clone A Willy 

This kit is very useful in replicating your favorite penis. Just press your partner’s penis in the soft mold and then let it dry. After the mold has dried, use any material of choices such as chocolate or ice to create your favorite homemade dildo and get down to action. 

Clay molding

Using clay gives you the freedom to be creative and bring to life a work of art that will give an abundance of pleasure. You will be able to design the shape and size of your dreams. It is advisable to get a suitable coating on your masterpiece before using it.

Glass firing 

If you have the expertise it is possible to fire your own dildo out of glass. Some of the sex toys available in stores are made of glass.

Wood Carving 

If you love working with wood, carving a tailored piece for yourself should be a simple process. It gives you the opportunity to customize the sex toy to your own taste. The final piece may require some form of a coating to make it safe.

The list above gives you a variety of ideas on the designs of the dildos you can create at home and start your journey to happiness.

Why you shouldn’t use homemade sex toys

With the above list of objects, you can pick up at the spur of the moment and stick them up your privates and the ones you can design to your taste you may think there is no need to spend money buying a sex toy. But guess what? All the items we have listed above are not safe for your precious privates.

All the objects above are not safe to be inserted into your body. They are more than likely going to pierce you or bump someplace and cause damage. They may also disintegrate inside your body and send to the hospital.

In terms of hygiene, these objects have the capacity to harbor bacteria that may infect your body, bringing the pain of disease yet your intent was a pleasure.

With all the risk involved, It is, therefore, advisable to purchase a professionally made sex toy. They are made of materials that are safe for your body and are designed with all the safety features meant for delicate areas of your body. They will give you pleasure and most of them are now pretty affordable.

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