Liquids for Anal Douching

Liquids for Anal Douching

There are numerous articles out there with different options on types of anal douching. However, the actual liquid used in douche still remains a topic with endless discussions and suggestions. Even though a few people still prefer the common use of water, there are a wide of range of fluids that can be used and there exists both benefits and merits of using them.

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It is highly advisable to conduct some research first before deciding on the kind of substance to apply on your body and this article is all about providing you with information about douche that you need. An anal douche functions the same way as an enema with key differences on applications.

The Common Traditional Douche

For most people across the world, traditional douche which involves the use of tap water always seems like a perfect idea, but what is not known is that tap water can result in lack of balance in electrolytes which is extremely fatal to the body. The good news is that electrolyte imbalance can be easily be avoided by using tap water with other substances like; Milk, natural plants, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and other necessary liquids substances. Before using any other substance with water, it is wise to consider any reaction that may occur.

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Other types of Douches

Various individuals have particular liquids that they tdrust for anal cleaning which also come with different impacts. Some of the liquids used are;

  • Barium: this liquid is majorly applied in medical situations. Its use is considered effective since it enables the anal to be seen on an x-ray.
  • Coffee: There is a lot of argument surrounding the use of coffee for anal douching. While a section of individual thinks it is an awful idea, there are others that strongly believe in its use. Some experts believe that usage of coffee for anal cleaning can help with cancer prevention. However, this has not yet been verified to be true and, perhaps something that can easily refute this claim by experts is the rapidly growing evidence that points out just how coffee can easily cause long-term complications.
  • Yogurt: The bacteria living within the yogurt is what makes it more effective for use in anal douching. If you have an irritating bowel syndrome, digestion problems or constipation, then the use of yogurt is an option you can greatly benefit from.
  • Lemon juice: The nature of lemon juice compounds makes some people trust that it can help with a more effective anal cleaning process, but what is not known is that it can also result in severe muscles cramps if it not used with extra caution.
  • Saltwater/Epsom salt water: Epsom water is possibly one of the most common liquids known for douching; this is due to the ability to cause more water absorption by the colon and the rectum, which further introduces laxative effect. If you decide to use the normal salt water, the result will be almost opposite, the level of water intake by the colon and the rectum will reduce significantly. You can still decide to use regular water or Epsom water depending on the amount of washout that you need.
  • Fleet Enemas: this product is popular among people who need constipation relief. A solution of Fleet Enemas is usually absorbed poorly by the body; this allows the liquid to stay for longer period in the body before it is passed out with the waste.

The above list does not exhaust all the types of liquids that are best suited for douching and it is, therefore, advisable to do more research online for more products. It is also important to note that not all liquids can be safely used by one person because; some can be dangerous depending on your body. The last thing you want is to apply something that will cause you long-term adverse effects.

Liquid Temperature

The liquids mentioned above greatly vary in nature and during their regular applications, the differences in temperatures can be easily felt by the users. Some liquids can be easily used at their normal temperatures while others may need to be heated or cooled before douching. For example, you cannot use boiling coffee enema or extremely cold yogurt straight out of the fridge as they will both feel terribly awful.

Getting a properly balanced temperature to use can be quite a task because what gets too hot can burn and what is too cold can tense your muscles immediately they get in contact with the liquid. Many individuals prefer a liquid temperature that is almost similar to that of the normal body temperature since it is more comfortable to apply.

It can take you a little bit of time before achieving an appropriate liquid temperature, but on the brighter side, it will save you all manner of discomforts during douching.

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