Scratching the Surface of Kitten Play

Scratching the Surface of Kitten Play

Kitten play is, in fact, the easiest to recognize the diverse types of petplay. At a tender age, it is easy to spot people dressing their cats up especially during Halloween.  Kitten play, on the other hand, allows one to take it a notch further by experiencing the relaxation and simplicity in the life of a cat. Even vibrators are welcome in kitten roleplays!


Traits of Kitten play

Kittens, as well as cats, usually have a very unique way of living with humans. Majority of the time they show independence with how they go about doing their daily business. If you feed and water them they find contentment in this though sometimes they need a bit of petting and can be very curious.  You should however not pet them when they are not in the mood as you are most likely to be scratched. Kittens are also not shy when they are in heat. They will make noises and will not hide the fact that they want to mate. This behavior is the reason why there are a lot of sex toys made that resembles their mating activities.

These different aspects that are found in cats make them an interesting species for one to imitate during roleplay. Kittens are in most cases chosen due to their very playful nature, curiosity and their willingness to be cuddled on a couch. They also have to be trained especially in matters concerning the bathroom, in this case, role-playing as a kitten as compared to an older cat gives the owner more opportunities to interact with them during the training. 

All in all, the most important thing for cats is their freedom. Living an easy life without having to worry about a thing knowing that someone can take care of you is an interesting aspect of life.  For persons who role play as cats, they usually have lots of fun knowing they do not need to worry about a thing and can explore the freedom they get.


Kitten play accessories 

This is one of the most common role play archetypes which makes it easy to find accessories that one can use during role play. This is inclusive of:

  • Butt Plugs with Tails: There are a variety of colors as well as lengths available, this allows you to select from what fits your needs. Apart from looking like a real tail, they also carry similar feelings of ownership associated with butt plugs in the BDSM community.
  • Collars: Cats usually wear collars. It, therefore, looks natural for kitten players to do the same. These collars usually have diverse meaning from being used as decorations to showing the stage a given kitten is in during training.
  • Bondage Equipment: This is usually used to make it hard for the person who is bonded to be on their two feet, and also on their feet generally. This usually aides in stimulating different scenes as kittens are not given a choice but to be on all their fours.
  • Bowls: I instances where a kitten plays a scene that requires feeding, this will be done through the use of traditional pet feeding bowls.
  • Scratching Posts and toys: Cats are naturally usually very playful and mostly love scratching on things. Ensuring that this is added to your roleplay can help the person feel loved and more at home while they role-play while giving them training opportunities as well as encouragement to scratch things in the correct way.


Kitten play events

In the same way that kitten play is among the most prolific kinds of petplay, kitten play events are also a very common event type. The said events are very diverse depending on where they are held, it is therefore extremely important to check them out beforehand to get to understand if that is what you could be searching for. If that is the case, then go for it. Events are among the best places that one gets to interact and meet with people who share in the same interests as they do as well as getting to share their ideas and other tips while they have fun and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Kittens and cats remain to be the most loved animals on earth.  If you are looking to roleplay as an animal that needs care from its owner as well as having your own independence for exploring, role-playing as a kitten may just be what you need to take up.

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