A Short Guide On How To Use Anal Beads

A Short Guide On How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads are toys that help stretch the anus and prime it for insertion. These beads usually start small at the end of the toy and progress in size further up to the base, handle, or pull ring. You can insert them as far as you like, so the growing sizes mean you can as far as you’re comfortable with.

Some people like anal beads for the popping feeling they can provide, while others enjoy the feeling of fullness and various levels of stimulation they can achieve just by pulling a little softer or harder.  In this post, we'll explain ways on how to effectively use your anal bead.

Why People Use Anal Beads?

Anal beads are both for males and females who want to experience anal play. The main reason why people use anal beads is the feelings and sensation they receive as the droplets enter or exit their body because the anal sphincter is filled with sensitive nerve ending. Simply having anal beads inside your body can give you a piece of massage, releasing some of the tension and stress stored up in the area.

For women, the vaginal wall and anal cavity press up against each other causing a double sensation, making you reach orgasm faster. For men, anal sex helps to stimulate the prostate, a small golf ball-shaped bump on the inside of the anal wall, which is responsible for making you cum. The anal beads that are suitable for you will come down to how big you are looking to go and what kind of feel you are going for.

How To Insert Anal Beads?

Insertion is the first part of using anal beads where you’ll start to feel something new. Keep in mind that it can be uncomfortable when you first begin to use the anal beads, but this will pass as you get used to them. However, it’s essential to read a guide on how to insert thing into your anus as people often treat the anus just like the vagina and start pushing things in there with very little knowledge. A little bit of lubricant might help but then you will have to consider the material of the beads to the type of lubricant you will use. Silicone-based sex toys cannot be used with silicone-based lubricants, for example.

You can start with smaller beads, and gently push them in one at a time. You don’t have to take the whole lot in one session. Notice how your body feels as each bead passes inside you.

Much of the pleasure will come from this part when you insert or remove beads as your sphincter muscles will open and close creating a kind of popping sensation.  Keep in mind that that anus is not self-lubricate like the vaginal, so you need always lubricate the anus before you insert anything.

What To Do Once You Insert The Beads?

Take a little time to get used to the feelings of the bead once you have managed to get it into your anus.  Although, it might be difficult to move around while wearing them for the first time but when your body gets used to beads, you can do anything from regular sex to any other sexual activity that you might fancy.

You can even move around the house and wear them, but the only limiting factor will be lube drying out, so ensure you’re using high-quality lube if you decide to wear the beads for an extended period.

Silicone or oil lube will last longer than water-based lubes, and you should reapply when things start to dry out or whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable. It’ not recommended to sleep while wearing beads, or any other kind of anal toy because when you are unconscious, there’s a greater risk of your anus swallowing the whole beads without you even noticing. Besides, do not wear your anal beads more two to three hours. Other than that, you’re free to experiment as you wish.

Taking Them Out

Taking the anal beads out one at a time can give your body a popping sensation as the sphincter opens when you insert the beads and closes again. It will be best if you can time this around the time you reach orgasm when you’re pulling the beads out. Doing so will give you some feelings, which might be different from anything else you experience sexually.

A more pleasurable method of removing the anal beads is to start slow and then increases the speed if you feel more comfortable. You can even experiment with pulling some out and then putting some back in, moving up and down the beads makes you reach orgasm and stimulation. Those who have experienced anal orgasms with anal beads say they feel amazing.

Anal Beads Temperature

The temperature of your anal beads can have some interesting effects. Anal beads can be cooled or heated to varying degrees of temperature. Some people like to cool the anal beads while others want to heat them. It’s entirely down to personal preference, but you should take it slow and not insert a boiling element into your body.

Anal Bead Safety

You need to look out for a few things to stay safe with anal beads. Ensure your beads have an appropriate bottom handle or base so that it doesn’t get stuck inside your butt.

Anal beads with string are a big risk as it’s impossible to properly clean them, which increase the risk of getting bacteria stuck in it. Never insert loose beads into your body, as they can travel into your colon and probably need surgery to remove.

Cleanliness is also essential during anal play. You can use gloves and condoms to protect your hands and beads if you have any concerns about touching fecal matter while using your anal beads. However, it’s recommended to have separate anal beads for each person but if you plan to share the anal beads, always use a condom. Other dangers you should consider when using your anal beads are common signs of wear and tear.

On a final note, any pain you feel while inserting or removing something is usually a sign that something isn’t going how it should be and much more likely to cause damage like bleeds and tears. Therefore, you need to stop.

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