How to Stretch Your Anus with Anal Toys

How to Stretch Your Anus with Anal Toys

Anal training is one of those terms that you are most likely to encounter and especially while shopping for diverse types of anal sex toys. This is simpler terms is the process of gradually stretching your sphincter in order to be able to accommodate larger objects.  While the objects you use during your training keep increasing in size, smaller objects automatically become a lot easier to insert and you will experience reduced pain.

For a majority of the people, the ultimate goal as far as anal training is concerned is to anal sex without experiencing any pain during this process. Many people actually avoid having anal sex because of pain or even a painful experience they might have had before. By gradually training the anus over a period of time, you are likely to have intercourse without experiencing any pain in the future.

There are others who actually want more.  Their goal is to have their anus being able to accommodate much larger objects with time. Reasons behind this can be very diverse. There are those who love experiencing the feeling of fullness that comes with holding large objects in the rectum and this kind of objects give this feeling.  There are those who view this as a challenge. It does not matter what reason one has, the best approach for this is to be slow about it and gradually do this to be safe as well as avoiding pain.

How far can you go?

Tissues and muscles making up the rectum are very flexible and stretch a lot. Just as with the vagina, the anus, the rectum is built to adapt to holding bigger objects. You have to be careful when using large toys such as hollow plugs to prevent injuries. It is recommended to go bigger in size gradually. For the rectum specifically, this translates to being able to hold a large number of feces. Scientists have put an effort into studying the rectum in order to establish its flexibility but have not been successful about this.  The results from these studies varied so much and no particular consensus has been reached about the size.

We are certain of a few reference points especially on the type of things that have been removed through surgery, these are inclusive of large things such as doorknobs, bottles and in some instances a living eel.

That said, we may not be sure of how far you can take your anus but we are pretty sure that it can go so far.  In case you are making plans of accommodating a given sex toy of great quality or even a penis, it is safe to stretch this to such a level. Just as long as you stick to taking things slowly. 

 Can it cause problems?

For a majority of the time, most levels of anal stretching may not even have a huge impact on your day to day life. In instances where it has been stretched to extreme ends, the anus will usually adjust to its normal size as well as a shape within a period of 6 hours. In instances where one performs extreme levels of stretching on their anus, they risk permanently damaging it or even incontinence. You may have to allow your body a couple of days for recovery purposes before you can dive into another session.

Pushing yourself to extreme ends poses a risk too.  Using large objects and doing this rapidly could lead to tearing of the tissues that line your rectum which may lead to one undergoing surgery to correct this. When you take things slowly and also make use of lube as well as increasing the size gradually, you would not have to worry about pain or even damaging your rectum.

How to stretch your anus

A very basic way of anal stretching includes making use of the fingers. You need to lubricate your fingers, to begin with, after this is done, begin with just a finger and insert this into your anus, move this in circular motions. While making these circular motions, you need to apply pressure though gently to the muscles while pushing this outside beginning from the center of your anus.

This helps to open the sphincter muscle as well as massage this which can bring about a great feeling. Even for advanced users who use large toys, this can be a great way of warming up while preparing the anus.

The moment you experience comfort using one finger and your muscles loosen up, you can start using two fingers. You can use two fingers from one hand or decide to utilize the index fingers and use a circular motion to do this, with your index fingers, you can do half semi-circle. That said, gradually build on this until the time you are comfortable to use a toy.

There are two kinds of sex toys in the market that can help with this process, these include butt plugs as well as anal dilators.

Butt plugs can be found in any anal training kit which involves a collection of about 3-4 diverse plugs. These plugs are availed in different sizes ranging from a small size to large ones.  You can start with the small sized plug and hold this in after you are comfortable using this, you can then insert the other one.  You can then repeat this process using different plugs or toys until the moment you get to a size that suits you best.

This process does not need to take place in one session, the best approach to use would be to do this in different sessions that are stretched out over a couple of months.

It is also okay not to even move on. In case you get the feeling of having reached a limit with your anus, you should consider sticking to a size that you are most comfortable in and one that will guarantee you great pleasure. In reality, bigger does not always translate to being the best! 

An anal dilator is more like a tool rather than a sex toy though it can help you during the anal stretching process. Anal dilators are similar to vaginal dilators and are a type of reverse clamp. The device is inserted while it is closed after which one can open this up while holding their anus in an open manner while ensuring that they are comfortable.

Numbing creams

In instances where lubrication is used, there are people who choose to use a numbing cream on their anus to help in reducing any pain they may experience. Personally, I would not recommend this. Pain is one way of the body trying to communicate when things are wrong.  When you numb this pain, it is easy to keep pushing yourself beyond limits which may not be safe. You should avoid this as much as you can and try normal stretching over time which may be a painless experience after all.

Whatever method you are comfortable with, it is important to use lubrication at all times while inserting things into the anus. If you do not use lube, even with anal stretch training, you are likely to experience pain. You should ensure everything is slippery and it is important that you take things slow!

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