How to Reduce the Size of Your Prostate

How to Reduce the Size of Your Prostate

Most men are at risks of being affected by Prostate disorders and especially as they age. Most of these disorders are a result of having an enlarged prostate. To help this situation, most men are frequently searching for ways that would help in reducing the size of their prostate glands and they go to the extent of milking as well as massaging, kegel exercises and in the worst case scenario, they opt for surgery.  

In as much as these measures work, there are simpler ways as well as steps that can be followed to help in reduction of your prostate and also reducing on possibilities of this coming up in future. Each of the steps is not extreme and therefore you should not feel pressured to add this to your daily routine. 

It is of paramount importance to note that an enlarged prostate can lead to health issues though this is not in all circumstances such a bad thing.  There those men who have an enlarged prostate and still lead normal lives. Other men with a normal prostate could have issues with their prostate. This narrows down to an individuals body and taking up the below steps would help in improving the general health of your prostate and not just in reducing it.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is important that you keep your weight and fat at healthy levels as far as all parts of your body are concerned and this also applies for the prostate.  When you are overweight, the most likely thing is that you usually are overwhelming your body parts.  Extra fat usually has to end up somewhere and it locates itself in your muscles as well as organs which squashes everything. As for the prostate, this can be very devastating as a majority of the things are usually squashed down while your prostate grows.


Regular Exercise

As indicated in an article on exercising the prostate, a frequent aerobic activity can bring you lots of benefits for your prostate. Studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis have reduced chances of contracting prostate-related disorders.  More movement can aid with symptoms especially if you are already suffering from any disease. Though not specifically outlined, it could actually be that the increased flow of blood in an active body works in helping reduce the gland and also reduce on inflammation.

 balanced diet

Healthy Diet

This is also a great tip and very important in helping with your prostate’s general health.  There are specific foods which are extremely beneficial to your prostate. They not only ensure it remains healthy but also works in slowing down the growth of your prostate. The most beneficial diet for your prostate is one that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, oily fish, nuts, eggs, as well as red meat (though consumed moderately).


Plant Proteins are the Best Proteins

Research has been conducted on effects that dairy, as well as meat and it, indicates that higher consumption levels of the two can put you at risk of getting prostate cancer. Plant proteins in most occasions are recommended as the best method of taking protein while remaining healthy. You can give lentils, quinoa, beans as well as grains a shot as they are a great option to help maintain great protein levels in a healthier way. 


Avoiding Caffeine or Alcohol

In case you have had a heavy night before, you must have noticed that you would need to keep visiting the bathroom many times. Alcohol, as well as caffeine, are diuretics which means they increase urine amounts in your body that need expulsion. In case you are already suffering from urinary symptoms brought about by prostate disorders, you may need to consider cutting down on the two to help you lessen your trips to the bathroom.  You could also consider reducing the intake of fluids in the evening.  In as much as reducing on your fluid intake will not reduce your prostate’s size, this would assist in alleviating some symptoms you may be experiencing.


Keep Your Hormone Levels Healthy

As men advance in age, their testosterone levels usually go down. In most occasions this would lead to higher levels of dihydrotestosterone as well as estrogen, this two usually work in stimulating prostate growth. For men to maintain a balance in the level of their hormones when they age, it is important that they check on their diet and ensure that they are exercising, they could also make use of supplements available in the market to help with this.

supplements and weights


Choose the Right Supplements

The market provides diverse supplements and advertisers even assure people that they would be cured of something that you may not even be aware of. Majority of the supplements may just be a bluff though there are those that have been researched and found to be advantageous for your prostate’s health. To be sure that you do not consume something that may worsen the situation, you should always seek the advice of a medical doctor.  In given cases, supplements have been known to bring instability for body parts which does not help the issue at hand.


Keep Stress Levels Low

This is another great advice though it is very difficult to keep stress at bay in this modern age. Healthy stress levels are great for your body though as they can lead to more productivity for you.  This is also the same case for the prostate, higher stress levels usually reduce the zinc amounts the body makes, this is catastrophic as zinc is key in having a healthy prostate.  Stress in men can lead to the risk of development of pelvic tension, weak immune systems, these two can easily worsen the symptoms of your prostate.


Talk to Your Doctor or Pharmacist

This is usually among the best place to start with, always check in with a doctor. A candid conversation between you and your doctor can lead to great advice on lifestyle as well as a diet that would help you improve on your prostate’s health. You need not to be shy about it as doctors are professionals and understand these things more than we do. Check in with your doctor in case you have questions.

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