A Gaping Asshole: How and Why?

A Gaping Asshole: How and Why?

You may have come across something termed anal gaping if you have ever visited porn websites. Gaping asshole is the act of having extended anal sex with the aim of opening up the anus wide for a sometimes, and it usually takes up to an hour or so for your anus to recover. You can even see some of the internal rectal muscles when you have a gaped anus.

What Is Gaping?

Gaping is another aspect of sex that some people enjoy, while others find it quite strange. A gaping is the process of opening the anus caused by an extended period of anal sex. The anus remained open even when the penis or sex toy is removed. Having a gaping anus helps to fit in large objects easier and reduce pain.

Why Do People Gape?

You might be wondering why people gape if you’re not familiar with gaping. The answers to the reason why people gape are entirely different, and it comes down to personal taste like most things in sex. To some people, the act of gaping is up to the aspect of sex they enjoy most. It let them feel the highest possible level of fullness and allow them to insert some of the biggest dildo toys they have with ease.

Men particularly enjoy gaping as a kind of power play. Being able to see the result of anus stretched wide open is an empowering illusion that can make men feel like a raging animal that is hung. For some men, it can be quite refreshing to know exactly how much space someone’s anus takes in a time when most men have insecurities about the size of their penis.

Another reason is that it could be something ordered by the dominant partner of a BDSM styled relationship or be something that your partner enjoys most although less common reason. The person receiving tends to enjoy it a little less whichever is the reason to gape.

How Do You Do It?

What’s the best way to make yourself gape assuming you are into this? You need to empty your bowels, perform an enema if necessary to make sure that the bowels are completely empty after hitting the toilet, as you’ll be exposing deeper parts of your rectum.

The next step is to be relaxed and aroused. Try hand sex, oral, music, massage, or anything that makes you as comfy as possible. Take your time to combine arousal, relaxation and anal play for an extended period. Being relaxed making it much easier to achieve your goal since you have loosens the tension of all the muscles in the area.

Lubricate everywhere you’re going to engage in the extreme anal activity because without adequate lube it’s probably going to hurt. It’s better to lubricate more even if you think you’ve used enough. Ensure you keep your lube bottle in an easy to reach place so you can reapply during the session.

Now that you are relaxed, lubed, and turned on, now it’s time for gaping. Start by having the receiver getting into the doggy position on their hands and knees. The next step is to put smaller items in your anus and gradually increase to larger ones. It can also help to make circular motions and in and out movements with the penis or object, twirl it around from small to larger circles to help open the sphincters.

These motions will fool the sphincters into thinking that the bowel is full, causing them to open up and producing gape. Now that the hole is widening, it's time to engage in some extended anal sex.  If you want to try this and think it’s something you can do, then follow the tips here for a greater chance of success.

Dangers Of Gaping

Gaping is an extreme sex act that comes with high risk. The most obvious danger of gaping is tear or damage to your anus, which is usually caused by being a little too rough with your anus or moving onto larger objects a little too quickly. Damage to your delicate anal muscles makes it easier for you to contact infections, so stop and rest until your anus recovers if anything like this does happen to you.

Another danger is that, gaping cause weaknesses to the anal muscles, which mean there are some links between anal activity and cancer common among men. Even worse, it’s easy to contact STIs and STDs anally than vaginally. However, as long as you engage in safe sex, it should be fine.

Anus gaping can also lead to a prolapsed anus, but there is there is no concrete evidence yet. A prolapsed anus is probably not something you should consciously think about because you’re likely to get a prolapsed uterus through childbirth or natural causes. Someone can also contact UTI, as well as other possible unpleasant infections if you go from anal to vaginal sex, without properly washing up in between.

Tips When Trying For The First Time

You should be ready physically to feel hurt, as it’s not pleasant the first time. Everyone has its own feeling of anal gaping, and sometimes it is different from usual expectations. Therefore you need to practice it with the right person whom you fully trust and comfortable with.

Communicating With Your Partner

Communicating with your partner during anal sex is essential. When you use a sex toy, you control the pace and respond if you feel something but your partner doesn’t have the same cues, so you need to communicate with your partner if you feel any strange thing during anus sex. You can set goals for yourself and try to meet the challenges.

In conclusion

Gaping may be something you don’t want to think about anymore, something you are planning to do or something you’ll never actually do but whatever the case may be, you should be able to decide a little bit more now that you have to

know a few things about gaping. We hope you enjoy reading this post.


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