Guide to the Types of Anal Douche

Guide to the Types of Anal Douche

Anal douching is a habit that most folks adopt so as to maintain cleanliness and remove all the dirt in their rectum as they prepare to have anal sexual pleasure. This practice is usually done through passing liquid to the rectum and afterward letting it flow back through it has collected all the remains of feces or bacteria from the body.

Unlike glass plugs or silicone anal plugs, an anal douche is used to put in the liquid into the rectum for cleaning purposes. These douches are available in different sizes and designs, thus it’s of great importance to be certain which type you need to purchase.


Basic Anal Douches   

One of the very famous and easy to use types of anal douche which is accessible is the bulb style douche. The bulb style anal douche consists of a bulb, which is mainly created from silicone or rubber, and a nozzle. So that you can be able to fill the bulb with your preferred liquid, detaching the nozzle is necessary to assist you with this. The nozzle should afterward be reattached, and you should put it into your anus while squeezing the bulb in a gentle manner so as to pass the liquid into the rectum. You can get anal training kits prior to trying out any anal douche or enemas. This will help with preventing injuries and train your rectum to accept external objects.

The bulbs are availed in a variety of sizes, permitting you to decide on which option is appropriate and best suits your douching wants. However, the nozzle you decide to make a preference for is of more importance compared to the bulb. You can have access to nozzles of various lengths and styles; this permits you to make a choice of easy use, how the water flows, as well as sexual satisfaction.

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In addition to the bulb like anal douches, it is of great importance to ensure that you are not only making the elements clean appropriately but also you should fully dry them after you clean them. This is because molds can easily form in the bulb douche. An encounter with such an occurrence will make cleaning to be ineffective as well as increasing the risk of you getting an infection.


Shower Systems

The shower built douche setups are created to connect with both your shower bath hose in a direct way, the tap, or as a connection that rests on the end of the hose together with the shower bath head. The connectivity makes drawing of lukewarm water to be direct from your home pipes and directly into your body, thus reducing the desire of wanting to have a liquid container or seeing it as a necessity.

Whichever the set up of the shower system douche you decide to take preference for is actually dependable on how frequently you are planning on using it. The folks who practice anal douching often would likely choose the type that is connected to the showerhead, while for those who do anal douching for just once in a while, will give preference to the one that is not attached permanently but is able to replace the shower head.

No matter which type of shower bath douche you prefer to use, the most significant thing is handling them with care and being mindful.  Using water that is too hot put you at a greater risk of burning the inner part of your rectum. In addition, most home pipes usually lack constant pressure. Thus at any chance applying extreme pressure in the inner part of your rectum, will make it perforate and this is risky as it will only need surgery in fixing the issue of perforation.


Water bag douches 

The water bag type of douche is similar to an enema compared to the traditional bulb styled douche. It is made up of a liquid bag, which at times is larger in size containing many liters, and is hung at a raised place. There is also a pipe that extends from the bag to the nozzle that is, on the other hand, to be put into the anus. The liquid is pulled downwards from the tube to the rectum by the use of the force of gravity.

The important and the most beneficial thing is the size of the water bag douche, this is because the bag douches have the ability to keep a lot of liquid especially if it has several liters. This is a great deal as it allows you to attain the absolute cleanliness and enables you to prevent the need of getting to refill especially when going on with the cleaning process. An additional advantage of the above is the capability to let the water to go deeper, just like an enema. The folks who love to use their cute bunny tail plugs generally have a preference for cleaning the anal much deeper.


Disposable douches 

The disposable douches are the last kind of douche. These types are mostly the same to a bulb style douche, however, they regularly are smaller compared to the bulb type. The prime alluring factor with these douches is that you are able to pack a number of them to fit your luggage and carry them as you travel. They are disposable implying that they can easily be thrown away after use instead of going through the hustle of cleaning them.

Although using disposable douches constantly may become costly after some time, thus to those who frequently do anal douching, it is suitable to regularly use a distinct type. In whichever kind of douche you make a preference on, you should first understand that using it in a safer way is crucial and of great significance.

The safety measures to handle them safely includes, using a lot of lubricant at the time of insertion in the anus, you should always clean and dry it completely and this should be done immediately after using it, and also choose a liquid which you feel is suitable for your intended douching needs as well as getting the greatest pleasure. There is no any anal douching that is deemed superior as compared to risky douching.

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